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What Games Are You Playing?

It's okay you get more! :o since my nowi died fairly early (she was libra's first crush ;;) and then panne too I ended up with a bunch of extras soooo. now you can easily finish the game, right.

ye, you get plenty more, and you can even buy them late game lol
I've finally started getting more and I have a Hammerne too, thankfully. omg I can't get over how Falchion has unlimited uses. Now that I finally got a master seal for Chrom I can start abusing it again :D! Too bad he can't pair up with Aramis anymore because Aramis is busy trying to win over Anna... :(

omg I summoned a bunch of bonus box teams to the field and bought up all their great weapons and now my team is loaded and it's great. Except I forgot to keep Olivia out of the line of fire and she went and DIED so I have to restart chapter 11 again UGH I'm never going to finish this game.
HAHAHAHA I FINISHED MY ESSAY SO i'm going to play fire emblem for the next week Eifie do you ever let anyone die. we should really make an FE fanclub......
Playing Ocarina of Time with Mhals, and Persona 3 by myself. I still haven't beaten it. This game takes foreverrrrr.

I foresee a large amount of MarioKart in my future, too.
Off and Fire Emblem Awakening were finished not too long ago! I'm going through both for bonus stuff rn.

i think anyone who lets characters stay dead is mean! ):

seriously fire emblem games have made me so anal about keeping everyone alive i'll literally change my strategy around just so i can have one character live after a 30 minute map that would normally take like five minutes
It did reeeally backfire on me in my first play of awakening. I had no idea how the children system would work, so I missed out on five of the second generation because I let mothers die. :(
I just did a 120-star run of Super Mario 64 over the weekend. It was pretty fun considering I haven't played that game in a very, very long time.
persona 4 arena! i am so awful at it that i keep losing and i'm set to 'beginner' mode!! i think i need somebody to teach me how to play fighting games. ... :(
persona 4 arena! i am so awful at it that i keep losing and i'm set to 'beginner' mode!! i think i need somebody to teach me how to play fighting games. ... :(

what system do you play on! if i have the time i can perhaps jump on sometime soon and help you out a bit~
Dust: An Elysian Tail, D&D Chronicles of Mystara, The Last of Us, Project X Zone

also i like how PXZ plugs the unncessary US name change of God Eater to Gods Eater
finished FEA yesterday! still missing Owain and the other recruitable characters from the Bonus Box paralogues.
so Project X Zone turned out to be just as enjoyable as its predecessor

my only problem is this; where are the skies of arcadia and burning rangers characters??? ):
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