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What Games Are You Playing?

plowing through what there is in the CrossCode beta, recently finished Star Ocean 5 again, and now i'm starting up Atelier Sophie. probably Tokyo Mirage Sessions soon, though it doesn't look like that'll happen before Monster Hunter comes out :P

other than that though, i've been semi working on getting all the endings to va-11 hall-a on steam
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I bought Apotheon, Thomas Was Alone, Undertale, Space Engineers, and the Stanley Parable on Steam recently.

My favorites thus far are Thomas, Undertale, and the Stanley Parable.
I finally got to try Overwatch and I didn't play too much but it was fun! I also got to properly try Minecraft and I got way too excited over the flowers to actually play as intended but I had a blast.

In terms of games I actually own and didn't play on my boyfriend's xbox, I actually got the Atelier Arland trilogy, which i'm very excited about and intend to play as soon as the PS3 becomes released from the upstairs tv.
So, yesterday, my cousin showed me Rhythm Heaven. I am hooked, man. That game is my JAM.
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Oh man. I'm quite enjoying this. It's the perfect level of difficulty and it's not holding my hand to try to get me through it. I actually gotta think :D
Since I last posted here, I finished Dark Souls, Ace Attorney Investigations 2, and quite recently, Persona 4 Golden. All fantastic games.

I just started The World Ends With You. I think I'll like it a lot too!
labbing the heck out of KOFXIV. also got my hands on Tales of Berseria on release day last week, finished the main story so working on sidequests and EX dungeon. great game, easily the best the series has seen since Vesperia
I'm back to Valkyria Chronicles, after a New Game+
I haven't played the DLC missions yet so I should get to that.

I've also started to use GeDoSaTo to downsample it so it's nice that there's less jagged lines. Except in the cutscenes which are pre-rendered :(
In addition to Ocarina of Time, I started playing Riviera: The Promised Land and Golden Sun for GBA. So far so good with both! (Apparently I can't play just one game at a time...)
Well, right now my main diet of gaming is mobile since my pc AND my 3ds broke, so I've been playing a lot of My Singing Monsters recently, it's pretty good. Another one which i just started today but am hopelessly and completely hooked on and i've already changed my profile pic and avatar into my favorite character, and it's a game called Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes.
Seriously, try both of them out. You won't regret it.
Fallout 3 and GTA IV. Yep, my mum'd never let me play 18-rated games when I was younger...
I've been playing GTA IV recently. I've already beaten the game but not I'm just doing that thing of driving around and getting in a shoot-out with the police and seeing how long I can last, or trying to do stunts with my cars.

I want to try some mods but there was an update about a week ago and that broke the dll that lots of mods use :(
finished Final Fantasy XV over the weekend. beautiful, huge game with a nice story. definitely worth the money and wait, i'll be tackling some of the secret dungeons and hunts later this week

got grinding out to do in both Sun and Moon as well, and getting the dust out with that PS4 port of Ultimate MvC3 in the lab before hitting online
Just finished Final Fantasy X and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest. Both were so good.

I think I'll play Okami next, over the holidays. Maybe Katamari Damacy as well. Classic games are the greatest.
I'm currently playing Danganronpa v3 bc I'm totally not an old geezer who finally got around to playing it, and it's a lotta fun! I'm having way more fun with it than I did with the first two games (comparatively I mean, the first two are still p. good), even though I only just got past the first trial. And like... dang, what a way to start, that trial might probably be one of my favorites.
I've played Paladins, which is basically Overwatch for broke people, pretty much all day... Thing is, the servers are horrendous, which is not helped by my equally horrendous countryside broadband speeds, so at times the game is unplayable... Still, it's surprisingly good for running on Switch.
In terms of games I actually own and didn't play on my boyfriend's xbox, I actually got the Atelier Arland trilogy, which i'm very excited about and intend to play as soon as the PS3 becomes released from the upstairs tv.

L m a o it’s been years since this post and I’m still only halfway through the first

Anyway: nowadays it’s twewy (again), hyrule Warriors (again), octopath traveler, adventure mode in ssbu, and very very slowly through dragon quest 11
A lot of Planet Zoo. I'm still waiting for the next DLC to be announced, though. The game is still kinda lacking in certain animals. I'm hoping they add Australian creatures soon. Disappointed by the lack of kangaroos, emus, Tasmanian devils, etc.
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