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what is your favorite legendary pokemon?

Entei. I don't know why, just the first time I saw it I was all, "That thing is amazing!! I wanna be one when I grow up!" ...I did actually say that. >.>
Suicune! Lugia, Giratina and Darkrai are runners up since I started watching the Pokemon movies again. :P

Latias. Please agree with me, she is very strong and appealing for a transformation into.

Perhaps, but I'd prefer to transform into Suicune. In my eyes, it looks like a canine, so it's inevitable. :P
Hum. :B
Mew, Entei, and Jirachi.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
(I love Lugia, maybe-obviously, but... Iunno. XD)

I'd have to say Giritania. Or however you spell it. Both his D/P and Origin Forms. I named mine Oblivion. He looks like something that would end the universe if it was ever released, kinda like Cthulu.
That is a hard one, I think that my favourite one is either Groudon, Lugia or Articuno...ARGH, I just can't decide...

Edit: I have changed my mind, I have recently got a Darkrai from an event and I got a Shiny one!!!
He is defiantly my favourite legendary now.
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My favourite used to be Suicune when Crystal and the Pokémon movie came out... Then it was Groudon for Ruby.

But now, the most definite favourites are Mewtwo and Darkrai. I cannot begin to describe their coolness. *huggles both*
Lugia and Latias, I guess? I don't like most of the legendaries. I like some of them a little more from playing PMD2, though.

I only like Lugia because of the second Pokémon movie. :P
Speaking of Rotom, there was a topic about whether it was a legendary or not.

..Although Rotom's still awesome. It just doesn't seem to be a legendary.
my faves are :

1. kyogre - cuz it kicked poke-butt on my sapphire game!

2. suicune - cuz it looks really... nice? :sweatdrop:

3. manaphy - cuz i got it at a special nintendo event.

for some reason, i seem to have a thing for water pokemon,
legendary or not.
I've seen 4 Mews and 2 Mewtwos(lol) but be it now 5 Mews and 3 Mewtwos!And another Manaphy and Jirachi and all of them! XD
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