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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

I decided to put some of my non-trained legendaries' stats into an IV calculator, just out of curiosity (even though I don't really care about that kind of thing since I don't do competitive battling). My Jolly Darkrai has an IV of 30/31 in Speed.
Generally, if it's not a main-series game that is not a remake and/or is on its second playthrough or up, it tends to be a girl starter for me. Except for Ruby, but apparently when it's a non-forced crossplay, it negates it all.

I'm gonna get a girl Totodile in HG, just watch.
Also, glitchedgamer, in Gold, I could find Heracross easily at the route I forget the name of that goes from New Bark to Cherrygrove. It may not apply in Crystal, and they come in level 10, but hey, it may be worth a shot if you're so pissed. :P

Route 29? Tried it. I have heard that Heracross are usually found there and in Azalea Town, but no luck in either location. I've killed hundreds of Spearows, Aipoms, and the occasional Ekans with no luck. Only good thing out of all this is that Lucky evolved into Noctowl.
I tried where the Sudowoodo appeared for Heracross, but I guess that's just my luck. I miss my Heracross...

Also, I caught a Sharpedo named SHARKATTAK in Emerald about a year and a half ago, and decided to calculate her IVs. She is Modest and has 31 Special Attack IVs. I went crazy and decided to EV train her as soon as I was done with my Tropius, but surprisingly, since that day about a month ago I still haven't finished Tropius.
I got bored training my Pokemon in Pearl, so I dumped my (traded) Prinplup into the Day Care and forgot about it. I remembered it when I got to Canalave, and got it out to find out that it was a higher level then my Infernape (my starter).

And there was also the time when I switched on Sapphire to discover that I had somehow aquirred a Milotic overnight. As it turned out, my mum had spent the entire night searching for a Feebas, making Dry Pokeblocks (there were no Dry Berries left in Hoenn), giving them to Feebas, and then leveling it up. I think I've got the best mum ever. :)
The one wild Shiny Pokemon I found, an Electrike, happened to be a Modest nature... perfect ;)

My shiny Machop had a Jolly nature... and I trained it for the right EVs as well... :D I think they're the right EVs, I'm not a huge expert at competitive battling.
I've found several shinies by now, but only one of them is in a game I still have the save of.

They include a Tentacool, a Seviper and a Raticate.

If by irony you mean that the game makes me reach palmer(gold card), beat all of his pokemon expect one, and then see how his last pokemon(with 1 hp left) beats my frsh team, then yes, this surely is ironic.
Irony? You mean when I purposely lost to get off the SS Anne in LG, and when I went back 30 levels later I went through the gate and it left? Yes, that is irony.

It took 10 minutes for a Shellder to beat my Diglett too. I kept using Growl and it kept using Icicle Spear. Fun.
I found my first proper shiny when replaying through Platinum: a Zubat in Oreburgh Mine. Trust it to be when I was doing a solo run, eh?

(I did eventually trade it to my real Platinum cartridge, and now it's a level 40 Crobat named Sniper.)
For the longest time I used to say 'Beware of Zubats' for no apparent reason, yet i found a shiny zubat in emerald and she is now one of my favorite pokemon. And...SHINY ZUBAT LOOKS LIKE ASPARAGUS! That is my new Zubat motto kinda...whatever...

EDIT: Also, i was searching through tall grass around Celadon and thinking 'How cool would it be if i found a shiny Vulpix?' I get in a battle, and it's a shiny...yup, you guessed it, BELLSPROUT! Still awesome, shiny, but still, it was sooo weird.
The second shiny I ever found was on the same game, same area and same species as my first shiny.

(Shiny Wooper on Platinum, found in the Great Marsh if you were wondering.)
At the beginning of a wild battle in LeafGreen, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if this was a Larvitar?" It was. And shiny. Sassy nature, but I could use a special wall anyways.
I caught a shiny Spearow a few hours after posting how I didn't really care about getting shinies.

Said Spearow ended up being used on my main team, because as luck would have it I was planning to use a Fearow for the first time anyway.
that my avatar looks just like dawn. i hate dawn. (or just really really dislike her. how dare she steal ash away from may?!) that i have a rapidash higher level than my starter, i only caught it because i needed a fire type to beat grass chick on pearl.
Both the shinies I've caught (Rattata and Unown P) I caught while not really trying, but when I attempt to chain I can barely get past 20 and I don't find my seeked sparklies.
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