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What's ironic or surprising in your Pokemon game?

I saw a shiny Wailmer in my Sapphire when I was younger, and I didn't know what a shiny was, so I thought it was a glitch.

I ran >.>
Once, in FireRed, I found a shiny Psyduck. A few weeks later, at Trainer Tower, I found a shiny Seaking. Two shinies of the same type found in the same game in the same month. What are the odds of that? Okay, maybe not too unlikely, but... that was still kinda cool when it happened.
Once, in FireRed, I found a shiny Psyduck. A few weeks later, at Trainer Tower, I found a shiny Seaking. Two shinies of the same type found in the same game in the same month. What are the odds of that? Okay, maybe not too unlikely, but... that was still kinda cool when it happened.

That particular Seaking is always shiny. It's not that unlikely, actually. Shiny Psyduck alone is cool :D
I wasted my masterball on Palkia, then I tried to go catch Giratina. I caught it....in a pokeball. Then I went and did the Heatran sidequest the next day. I got Heatran in a greatball.
In my pearl execpt starter and type replacement (Prinplup and Rapadash) we have the EXACT SAME TEAMS
and on platnium my chatot beats 6/10 OU pokemon
Once, I caught a full-health Groudon w/ just 2 ultra balls. Also, in Silver, the first pokemon I found after leaving Elm's lab, I found a shiny Sentret. It turned pink! I called him Furry.
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I have two. Both in Diamond.
For one thing, my Lucario got +7 speed once when it leveled up. +7!!! :D
For the second one, I've used the PokeRadar a lot in the Trophy Garden. However, the Trophy Garden is an unlucky place for me to chain because whenever I do chain there, I always get chains of 13 Pokemon. XD

Guess what?
My level 40 froslass leveled up to 49 and got 9 Sp. Attack points with every level up- Plus, the only shiny I ever got was a sneasel male which looked sooo gay, and got it when I walked to the snowpoint lake.
Ironic: On my last run through Crystal, I was dissapointed that Mareep wasn't in the game, so I had to settle for Magneton as an electric type. It was a great Pokemon and helped me until I finally got the Earth Badge. Then, one day, I was training to face Red, and noticed I never hatched my Odd Egg. When I did, it was a Shiny Elekid! That thing would've been awesome on my team! Now, on my current game, I refuse to beat Whitney until I get another Shiny Elekid...

Surprising: I once beat a Rival battle in FireRed with a Magikarp.
The only shiny I've ever found other than the Red Gyarados was a shiny Wurmple in my Emerald. Well, it was before I fought my rival, meaning I had no Pokeballs. I ended up staring at it for five minutes.
On one of my LeafGreen runs, I had an epic battle with Mewtwo to catch him. Surprisingly, on my friend's game, his Articuno froze him in the first Ice Beam and I caught it with the first Pokéball, which was actually an Ultraball. I lol'd.
Four Pikachus attacked me on my way through Viridian Forest on Red, whereas I saw neither hide nor hair of a supposedly "uncommon" Caterpie.
I've been resetting Pearl for three hours total, and I've only gotten three female Chimchar, out of who-knows-how many. I know the Gender Ratio for male versus female is 7 to 1, but it's still surprising, considering it was male about 16 times in a row at one point.

This is probably just surprising for me because I'm aiming for Female Naive.
Whenever I have no general preference for starters, it gives me a girl, unless it's a first (okay that title can be disputed, but I don't consider my first ruby file a first file ecause I got farther on my second file) file in a main-series non-remake.

At this rate, I'm gonna get a girl in HeartGold, and I actually want a guy. o.o
I began fishing in the pond at the Resort Area to see if I could pull a level 100 Magikarp. I was rather surprised when I pulled a level 98 one. (I caught it.)
- The only shiny I've ever gotten (besides Red Gyrados obviously) was a Diglett in FireRed

- I caught Moltres in a regular Pokéball in FireRed after lowering it to red HP, putting it to sleep repeatedly, and failing to catch it with about 20 Ultra Balls and 10 Great Balls.

- In my first Pokémon game, which was Silver Version, the Rival appeared with the name ??? because you weren't supposed to know who he was. When the police officer asked me his name, being the naive, honest little kid I was, I told him "???".

- In Silver and Gold Version, Lugia's Aeroblast is a built-in move. If you have Silver verison, Lugia is at level 40, and comes with it. If you have Gold Version, Lugia is at level 70, but doesn't know Aeroblast, and instead knows Hydro Pump and Rain Dance, which Lugia learns around level 44, instead of the moves it should learn at level 70. In R/S, Lugia instead learns Aeroblast at level 77, and in D/P, it was bumped up to 80. Weird, huh? Now comes the ironic part - the level 40 Lugia you get in Silver will actually be better than the level 70 one you get in Gold, because the Silver Version Lugia comes with Aeroblast instead of non-STAB water moves, and because Lugia will get more EV's by level 100 because it was lower level.

- My brother and I restarted our old Emerald version, using a female character for laughs. Oddly, this was the first time we used a female character in a Pokémon game, (and actually got all the way through) and also the first time we got a female starter. Even stranger, 70% of the Pokémon we caught to use on our team were female. o_o

- I used all 40 of my Ultra Balls to try to catch Rayquaza, who was on a tiny sliver of HP. I was about to throw my GBA at the wall in frustration, but then I decided to throw a Great Ball instead, and I caught it.

- When trying to catch Regice, a Pokéball wiggled more times than a Time Ball, even though I had spent over a hundred turns trying to catch it. The Pokéball also wiggled more than a Great Ball, and Regice broke out of the Ultra Ball immediately.

EDIT: Forgot one:

- I spent over a month trying to catch Luga on my Silver Version. Then I spent another month catching Ho-Oh. Then I got mad at slowly Lugia leveled, and the lack of good training spots. Then I lost my Silver Verison, GBC, GBA, and a ton of other games that were all in this case that I have yet to find to this day.
I just had my most ironic moment ever.

I have spent at least 4 hours trying to find a god damn Heracross in Crystal. While moving from tree to tree on Route 29, I found a Shiny Hoothoot. So, in other words, I found a Pokemon that has a 1/8192 chance of appearing, BUT I CAN'T FIND A FUCKING HERACROSS. So while I'm happy with my new Hoothoot, nicknamed Lucky (my 2nd ever random Shiny), I'm stilll pissed because I STILL DON'T HAVE THAT BEATLE.
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The first time I played Gold, which was numerous years ago, I couldn't get past Koga even though I had a fully evolved team.

Recently, I tried Gold, and beat the Elite 4 with two Pokémon not fully evolved (Damn Dragonair's costly requirement to evolve and, above all, DAMN G/S and maybe C's lack of Leaf Stones until Kanto).

Also, glitchedgamer, in Gold, I could find Heracross easily at the route I forget the name of that goes from New Bark to Cherrygrove. It may not apply in Crystal, and they come in level 10, but hey, it may be worth a shot if you're so pissed. :P
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