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Arylett Charnoa

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  • There will always be a Meowth. Because Meowth always and forever. But why would I name a Pokemon after the Nintendo® LettCube™?
    No, I do not any longer like being known as a shitty Sonic fancharacter. Well, not even that, just a shitty sprite recolour that ended up as my first-ever avatar and somehow from there erupted into a whole shitty online persona.

    It better reopen, I have my whole starting squad planned out :O I'm thinking of dropping the "name everything after Ace Attorney characters" plan and replacing it with "name everything after Dark Souls characters". Much more creative.
    shudder Yes, he.

    Nope, there's a big revival thing going on, though quite when it'll be done I don't know. Seems to have been on "nearly ready you guys!" for a while now, but eh.
    This dude? We exchanged many a nonsense back in the day.

    Glad to hear you're well anyway. I just lurk myself really, not a lot else to do here until ASB's back on its feet really.
    oh gosh it's a lett
    hi it's that meowth person guy dude thing
    i didn't even know you were still around
    how the devil have you been and stuff
    I hear ya. I'm actually starting to feel the same way. I find myself more on imgur than forums nowadays.
    Sometimes there's a pulse here and there. The mafia forum got a couple games recently, and ASB seems to be on the right track.

    Do you have a set date for the wedding yet?
    Well, that's not too far. :o You're planning on having a relatively large wedding, then?
    Oh, okay.

    Well, that's awesome, even if I got his name wrong! Do you know when you're getting married?
    Bah, pc isn't too bad. It's bigger, takes a while to settle in. I like it there though. I've pretty much moved in over there.
    And here you are again. Surprised to see you back here. Congrats are in order as well! Will you be sticking around? Not much left of the poor place.

    Congratulations! I'm happy for you. I can't help but ask, are you engaged to Klopp?
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