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  • Weak? You don't know who you're talking too, they don't call me "PRINCESS" just because I'm high maintenance. *Pulls out lightsaber that's decorated with flower stickers, and a pink beam of light shoots out* I'm Butterkin's new hope, and you aren't, bitch. (Cause you know, you're a cute lil' puppy.) CHARGE! *JEDI JUMP*
    Psssh, don't make me laugh. -pulls her back towards me- Your jedi skills are weak, grasshopper. But if you insist, bring it flowergirl.
    Oh, ho-ho-ho-ho, no need to get all ghetto, we're in a CIVILIZED environment honey. *Pulls her back towards me* Besides, your skills got notin' on my business. *Points at lightsaber on my sexy belt* I just might go jedi on yo arse. ;D
    Girl please. -pulls her back towards me- Don't make me break out my skills on ya. I've been doing all that kung-fu. Ya better leave right now before things get ugly between you and me, ya dig?
    Homeslice? Pssh, Butterkins and I go waaaay back. You best get your lil' grimy hands off her before I bring on the business. *Pulls her back towards me*
    Oh yes I did. You better take your hands off my homeslice Butterfree. -pulls her towards me-
    Hi butterfree, I wanna say thx for all of your help over the years i've been with tcod.
    Keep up the good work. ^_^
    Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for this web site, it gave me something to do over the time we were moving and when I had breaks between school, since our family doesn't do much besides stay at home, well, I don't have much to do except sit some where and play video games and read.
    Hiiii Butterfree! I thought you'd appreciate this friendly gesture known as a message! Just letting you know I'm alive, and stuff. Please reply! Espeon.
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