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  • Yeah; that said, I need to get my Steam games installed again, so I'll be on Vista for quite a while yet anyway.
    Pretty average, in all honesty--school ends after next week, which is good, but the last week is always incredibly boring so it all balances out into a happy equilibrium I guess.

    I've been trying to get Ubuntu to work with my laptop's wireless card; normally it's really simple but it doesn't feel like realising the LiveCD is in the drive which complicates things a bit. :(
    Too many forums send you an arbitrary 'hai thanz 4 joinin' PM which I ignore, though, so I'm used to having an active notification I guess. xD
    Yeah; I have a habit of not noticing the notices (which defeats the purpose, true~) :D
    Because I'm, uh, bad at it? I'm very out of shape for running and things, and we ran a mile time trial and I had an awful time but it is ok. What've you been up to?
    I had a piano lesson, which was cool because I've never played an instrument before, and I wanted to learn and it was fuuuuun~

    Although in a little bit I have to go running and it's going to be painful.
    No need to apologise! You get that a lot on forums - I always imagine people to look like their avatars. |3 Except, well, people with avatars that don't actually have people in them. Or just text. And then I always freak out when I go into the "Behind the Avatar" thread. XD
    OH NOES.
    ...Ahaha whenever I say that in real life my brother says; "Yeah? What about your nose?" Sorry I was just reminded.

    And that cash machine, hehehe.
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