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  • "A woman withdraws consent partway through sex, but the man doesn't stop."

    It would be the most minor, tiniest form of rape there is - so small to the point I don't agree it should even be taken up to court but rather solved in a private manner between the couple. Before they proceed having sex (or after), and its more towards an act of breaking-trust or any other word you can use rather then rape. ie; they didn't agree on rough, but the guy went rough and wild... If it was to be identified as "Rape" then rape charges become very manipluative - and easier source for finance more then hooking, heck, if I were a girl I can say 'Stop' on the very last minute. Accuse the guy of raping me, and god knows how much I'm getting out of it.
    Ruth left the cable in France, and she got back today and I'm already pestering her about it. I'll link/send you them as soon as I have them :D
    Hahaha, it was so much fun. Shame we lost Pentimento along the way, but plotting how best to get me activated and then suspected without anyone dying along the way was very exciting :D

    We thought we'd all get taken out in one feel swoop right at the beginning - which would have been pretty funny, but would've made for a less awesome win.
    Hahaha, that is excellent. I've linked it to Grabby and she thinks it's the best thing ever XD

    Also - I'm gonna watch the University Challenge ep in a minute :D
    do you remember that sticky that you wrote (I think it was you!) in the introductions forum in the old tcod?
    opal! I missed your birthday. :<

    From what I hear, it was good, and it seems silly to say have a good yesterday, so. I hope today is good too.
    Aw, sorry to hear about your father. My grandfather got emphysema from smoking too, and died about 20 years ago. :(
    "The SAT means nothing. I got 2290 without any preparation and on four hours' sleep. The maths is 8th grade material at best. It is absurd."

    You totally went up on Scyther's List of Awesome. Wow.

    And I'm not sure if you care or not, but the person you responded that to was twelve. He wasn't even in eighth grade, let alone being able to take the SATs.
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