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Shadow Serenity
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  • WHAT. THE. HELL. *Inches away from you*

    Good. Oh, and I've got a blacklight, so invisible in is useless. :3
    Yeah. It's forgettable. :P

    DEAR GOD. O_O I hate the thought of that. I LOVE YOU, DEMONIC CAR. >|

    Well. I'd need jetpack rentals, payed by you (Consider it a shipping fee) and some anti-icing equipment and some oxygen tanks. (Also payed by you) (*Reads rule 21 of the SteeleShipping Co. Manual* All recipents must sign a waiver mentioning that any injuries or other problems with the chosen item/s are not liable to SteeleShipping Co. before their product is shipped.)
    Rays are just... arrows. :P I think all you do with them is plot angles and stuff. D:

    Yes. It was blowing in hot ait. D: Usually they only go down for a few minutes, but they were down for about an hour. D:

    Sure! But I'll need your adress, and I need you to sign this waiver stating that it is not my fault if you get food poisoning. (Hey, it'd take a while to ship something down there! :P It'd rot.
    I know what you mean. xD I think that of square roots. Really. When are you going to use them? Oh, or stuff like rays. You'd only use them in like, architecture.

    It isn't great in the summertime. Last year when we were driving through a mountain-desert in hundred-and ten degree heat, they rolled down, so the AC was useless. Goddammit, I hated that drive.
    Me cousin has a room in his house which controls the AC, heater, water, water heater, propane tanks and all that good stuff. It sounds hilarious when it starts up or cools down. Sounds like a semi or a plane, too. :P

    Our conversation made me hungry, so I made some more fries. They would've been better with some awesomesauce, but they were good.

    I'm actually a decent cook. My parents think I should be a chef somewhere. (Probably will at the aforementioned Italian resturant. :P)
    Well, I can't blame you for the Algebra. :P I hate anything having to do reletively with Math.

    Sounds like scrap metal to me. :D I agree that she'd be better off getting a new car.
    You should see our BMW. It doesn't look bad at all, but the things freaking posessed or something. xD The windows roll up and down randomly, it heats up for no apparent reason and it dies all the time...

    Homemade stuff is generally either awesome or horrible. Homemade fries are awesome. :D Plus, you can make them into different thicknesses and stuff. :D
    Hey, if you're struggling, you really should wait. :/ And there's nothin' to be embarressed about it grades. :D

    Because she's the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. -_- She doesn't listen to any advice she's given. Probably why her relationship went downhill. Oh, plus she said it like it was no big deal. To quote her, "oh, yeah, and my car got stolen a couple days ago."

    Meh..... I'd say my fries are enough to rival theirs. I make awesome fries. :D
    Well. That kind of sucks. D:

    Dear lahd.... my sisters car actually GOT STOLEN. She left the windows down with the keys in... while she was at the bar...
    'Bag Lady' sounds fitting. xD

    I would still prefer a Chinese restruant. :P But I like their fries better. :D
    Why were you thrown out? And yes. Sort of not so lovely... with a possible offchance, maybe?

    My oldest sister's car is like that, too. xD CD's, money, food... more food. :P

    ...so I'm not the only one here that loves his food? :D They also make awesome sweet tea. I drink about a million of those a week. :3
    Well, I actually do have a decent bit of money, but I don't mention it, because I'm saving it for college. Oh, but I'm blowing a bunch of it..... on a sniper rifle... in airgun form. D: Hey, at least I can headshoot people when I get it! xD

    Gah, not much happened here, anyway. :P But word of advice; look under bleachers for extra monies. I once found six bucks and some cars keys under a single bleacher... the alchohol section. xP

    *Morbid dreams* But uh... now that you mention it... Ronald McDonald is kinda creepy... O_O
    Good. Those get annoying when EVERYTHING you have is weak to Grass, Ground or Rock, as my team usually is. xD

    Eh, I've got a few bucks. xD

    Because I'll be gone for four days to a week in a week and a half, plus we're gonna be scouting soon.

    I have weird dreams in third person... of them killing me... so yeah. I also agree with you on clowns. I wanna kick the creepers and run off screaming. xD
    Thank you, professor.

    Yeah. That is pretty nice. Though I have seen stupidly difficult stuff like Sunny Day thingie + Solrock & Solarbeam either Calm Mind or Cosmic Power...

    They have no opportunity for a job. Of course they're poor; bankrupt at that.

    We were gonna go in early to karate, but then we just decided to cancel for the month, seeing as I'll be missing at least four more this month anyway. So I was free all day.

    Too many things having to do with sci-fi and horror. Mostly alien horror movies or somthing similar. Like 'I Am Legend', but worse stuff. I dunno. I naturally fear them. xD
    Oh. I wouldn't know. xD

    Yeah. Unless they have something with Sunny Day + Solarbeam. Then you lose San Stream, plus Tyranitar gets KO'd. I find it kinda funny, though. Most of the time, I can mop the floor with my un-EV'd Tyranitar, who happened to have a decent nature when I caught it in Firered, years ago. xD

    A blank is a shell loaded with nothing but powder, so it sounds and looks like a gunshot, but there is nothing actually coming out of the barrel but smoke. xD It would look like I was shooting the goats, who would faint at the noise. :P

    Mine are still "sleep late, ago to bed about the time the sun comes out. I'm still a bat. Or a Noctowl. Or something. But it's kind of... weird. I had a cough yesterday, then I have it, but it's mostly better today. But uh, yeah. I'm not as busy this week. I was supposed to have my friends out here (The ones I haven't seen for months) but they couldn't make it, so I'm not quite as busy this week. Oh, and my dad's traveling, so I'm the watchdog-type-person now. :P

    I just have a morbid, horrible fear of aliens, but if I'm reading, watching, ect. something that has to do with them, I can't look away. xD Though they needed something badass in there. Like an Aggron or Bronzong. Okay, maybe not Aggron. It would get incinerated if it tried to Iron Tail a Xantoli. xD
    Yeah, probably. :P

    Ah. I should get one, but I don't have a laptop. xD

    Yeah. The bastids make my Tyranitar cry. D:

    ...you know what a blank is, don't you? O_O

    Because I'm busy more or less all day, every day right now. You used to be in at two or three all the time, so I figured you still had nocturnality like me. xD We'll have to work somthing out.

    It gets a bit confusing due to all of the character's points of veiws.
    They feel like a big beesting. And they give you a big bump. :P

    I don't use a Wi-Fi Adapter for trading or the GTS.

    Oh, now that you mention it... I think I remember seeing a Meganium with Leech Seed and Mega Drain. No Leftovers, though.

    Too bad they aren't the kind that faint when you scare them. I could just shoot a blank at them, then act like they were playing dead. xP

    Soory. D: I should've just told my brain to quit bitching and stay up. D: Catch you tonight, though.

    Prepare to read it all in one day. I did, only taking breaks to get a drink. xD

    I have no idea, as I've never been headshotted. Well, I guess I was shot in the head with an airgun bullet by an enemy sniper, but that probably doesn't count, as I didn't die. Still hurt, though.

    An HOUR? xD Dear lahd... you need to study up on your glitching stuff. :P

    Yeah. The only time I can kill it is when I've got my Salamence with me... but I don't use him as much anymore. D: Basically, a lucky crit or two on Stone Edge brings it down. (Sometimes. -_-) I haven't encountered a full-recovery-based Grass-type, though.

    I'm sure I'd train them better if there was a reward better than getting them to eat leaves instead of baaing until I give them a treat. Like if there was money involved, I'd teach them how to paint, or train them to be mercenaries. Or something.

    Ah, well. It's fine. I revamped my team with that time, anyway. :D I'll shoot for 1:45? But uh... If I don't get you today, 2:00 AM, my time TOMMOROW. (If you're wondering why I'm not staying on late, I'm really tired. D:

    It's a..... weird fic. After you've read a bit, I'll talk more.
    Well, I could. I'd just follow the simple 'BOOM HEADSHOT' guideline.

    It usually takes me three or so tries, but I get it to work. :D

    On the thirtieth floor or higher in the Battle Tower.
    Double Team is worst when it's on a Kingdra. <_< The goddamn thing absorbs my physical sweepers easily, then I have next to nothing supereffective in terms of Special. D:

    They are, but you have to run 'em through theid tricks pretty often, or they forget. Gowtes are stupid like that. xD

    Ah, that's fine. Having a computer virus is a much better excuse than "ACK MY PSYCHOPATHIC MUM IS COMING AHHH!". :P

    Two for me is five for you. I'll stay up until three (Six) tonight to trade, though, because I need this done.

    Oh, did you ever read Chatsy's stuff, then? If you did, go for one of my all-time favoritr fics--Resistance. It's by a person whose alias is 'Clare', or 'Claire',(I can't remember. -_-) also on TPT.

    EDIT: I'll stay on until 3:50 AM; twenty minutes from now.
    It WOULD happen. I'd put him on top of a bullet ant pile, then step on his head until it ASPLODED.

    Yeah, I could have that. What's the cloning glitch for?! :D *Whips out two 'Aggron' labeled Pokéballs*

    Yeah. D: Though Lunatone/Solrock get difficult later on, in the thirties.

    Ah. I wouldn't expect you to have had a gowte, so. :P But actually, I trained mine. Slightly. Now, if he eats all the food on the ground, he can stand on two legs and grab leaves. Oh, and he can walk a short distance on two legs. xD

    Sorry I didn't get back on... my mothar was coming towards my room so I just turned everything off. 0_0 But yeah, just six. I should be on until about two-AM my time.

    EDIT: And two or so tonight.
    I could probably own Gandalf if I was the Balrog. :D



    True. They should at least put in more fully evolved Pokémon. Really, how is a Shinx gonna hold it's own against my Tyranitar? xD

    Yes, gowtse. Damn things don't know what "SHUT UP" means. And they're worse than a puppy. 0_0

    It's hilarious how I got on, like two minutes after you posted that. :3
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