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  • Yes, Greaser Lala did, but it's been nearly a month since then. If you wanted we could nudge her about it, or just put it up again.
    Thanks! You're right, we need to talk more! I'm better than I have been in a while, thankfully. You?
    Just coincidental that you named him that (though I suppose it's a common enough name for the species...).
    Wait, there's a Control of Dialga AND a Dialga of Time? I is confused <.>
    Need to finish editing at some point when my mind will let me pull some ideas, but glad to be part of it. I like getting involved in everything, so yeah.
    NO, we're waiting on LK and BY, LK has notified me that she'll post ASAP, and BY is uncertain as to how to proceed. Things don't die after 4 days man, plus earlier in our thing we were waiting longer for BY because he had been absent for like three weeks.
    Alright, sorry I didn't get this done sooner, but I finally did it. Hope you like.

    ... Yeah, I totally didn't make Saturday. My motivation is zilch lately. @_@ I don't mind if you want to get an e-ref; otherwise, I'll get it up as soon as I can.
    Yo, just about what you have in our pronoun field-tat "Time, Control" thing. That field is for people who generally aren't comfortable with being called he, it, or she, and want some other pronoun, and if some people see it they might get a bit upset or angry. There was a whole announcement before you joined. You'll want to fix it before anyone spots it.
    Bleeeeeh, sorry about that. February sucks. I'll get on it tomorrow; I'll have it up Saturday at the latest.

    (And it's fine; I've visited it often enough that I can jump to it just by typing "Cont" or "Le S" in my address bar!)
    I have a better idea. It'll take me two seconds to isolate him (the magic of layers), so I'll do that for you. Kay?
    Perfectly fine, in a way it actually performs as a plot device to get these slow posters off of their asses and actually post in the thread instead of waiting for me to bug them about it continuously...
    I have something for you. You joined at a perfect time, because I just finished a thing for Green Hills and Blue Skies. I hope I got your character right. Derplink
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