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ASB Rules

Guys I have a proposition for you and I just want to know your opinion, nothing serious.

I have lurked through many ASB battles and to be honest, Attract is used a lot. And I think it has too much importance on a battle considering how easy to use and accurate it is.

So what I thought is since ASB is supposed to be super-real and all, maybe Attract could only be used on foes with the same egg group, because seriously I don't see how a wailord could attract a Butterfree or something. This way, the use of attract would be more restricted and more difficult to use, as well as more realistic.

Just throwing that idea, feel free to give ideas/opinion, etc.

Or you could just, you know, put it in the 'Banned Moves' Section of your battles?
Attract is overrated, easier to counter than people give it credit for, and if you find that it's consistently completely shutting you down in battle then your ref is making it too powerful (or you are consistently shit out of luck and exaggerating the problem, but considering what I've been seeing in a lot of battles with status conditions I can't help think a lot of people are taking status severity a little too far). It's not supposed to be as detrimental as it is in the games because switching out to get rid of it is harder to do—it either needs to fade/drop in severity fast, or it needs to be less severe from the get-go.

It's not a "problem" because it affects "too many pokémon"—it's a problem because a wall of new users are overestimating its usefulness, possibly combined with refs making it too harsh, and everyone is leaning on it as a crutch and letting their battles dissolve into attract wars when there are plenty of more effective things they could do with their actions. It's not necessarily anyone's "fault", because if you're new then yes, it might take a battle or two to fully grasp the range of options available to you, but based on a lot of the recent battles I've seen that's exactly what's happening.

tl;dr ban it if you're that upset about it, maybe make more of an effort to understand what you can get out of your pokémon's moves, and refs, please take a moment to consider whether or not your scale makes attract overpowered.
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Honestly I've never used Attract in battles (neither anybody used Attract against me), I was trying to see the move in a more realistic optic (as well as the fact that it is used a lot). But I do see your point, KA.

(also what does tl;dr means everybody says that and i have no clue about what it means)
ASB has to strike a balance between "realism" and still being pokémon, and just about every canon says that it can affect every gendered pokémon (and those that don't have probably just not dealt with attract much at all). Limiting it goes against the spirit of the move and also adds an additional layer of management and things to keep track of, maybe even room for arguments with refs when anything that's not clearly defined is left up to their interpretation. Not to mention it's going to bring up a bunch of complaints from people who think that a pokémon can be attracted to any other pokémon if it wants to, along the lines of pansexuality.

Achieving greater realism with attract should first be done by making sure the effects of the move make sense (realistic duration, repeated use of the move should lose its effectiveness, attraction should fade if the attracted pokémon takes a lot of damage, etc.) rather than adding artificial restrictions. Which also means, by the way, that just about everyone ordering "Attract ~ SUPER-EFFECTIVE STAB THUNDER x2 :D" is playing the move wrong and your refs should have that attraction all but gone at the end of that round. If you're only looking to stop someone for an action or two while you go on an unchecked offensive rampage then there are better things you could do with that first move.
Is damage caused by confusion counted towards the damage cap?

EDIT: Also, does a Pokémon retain its stat gains when it switches out?
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Like in the Games, pokémon do not retain their stat changes when they switch out. As for confusion, I would guess so, but I'm not sure.
Self-inflicted damage doesn't count towards the damage cap; whether confusion damage counts as that or not, though, is a hairier question.
neither status damage nor self-inflicted count toward damage cap, do they? confusion shouldn't count toward the damage cap, no.

(wait, does status damage count toward the cap?)
I'm pretty sure the only damage that ignores caps is the damage caused by a Pokémon's own move, i.e. Belly Drum or Curse.
If a Pokémon is listed as being able to fly, but cannot learn the move Fly in the games, can it use the move Fly here?
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