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Black & White

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Well that was fast. I was expecting at least a little while longer to wait.

So far everyone I've asked about it wants Black. x3; This sort of amuses me.

Uh. Discuss?
I'll wait until I see the legendaries to make my decision on whether to choose black or white. Probably I will get Japanese black and English white.

I think that's awesome that they're doing black and white, and not continuing the gemstones. Really black and white aren't even colors. I've always been skeptical that they will stop, but maybe this really will be the end.
Aww, you beat me to making a thread...

Black. Just because I bet it will have a badass Dark-type legendary. Though I'm hoping White will have an Ice-Type legrndary; that could sway my decision.
I'd like to say that the choice of name is interesting in its own right. Considering that Black and White usually represents what right and wrong from a moral view. I hardly think there will be much of a difference the two games between, but if we let the dreams fly for a minute, I can totally imagine that in Black you could join the inevitable team of bad guys, while in White you could like, join the opposite site, the police or something.

Fuck that would awesome.
I think I'll wait until I see the Legendaries to make a decision. I wasn't expecting names this simple though. I like!
Diamond and Pearl was getting a little silly to be honest. Black and White? It'll be white for me. Still, lets wait for the legendaries to be unveiled.
I'll be waiting to check out the version exclusives and any other differences between the two versions that may influence my decision. Pretty interesting names, anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing just how dramatically changed these games will be from the ones before them.
I'll bet the third game is going to be Grey.

This is pretty awesome. Fall of this year? Hell yes! Much less of a wait than for Gen. IV. I can't wait until next week when we actually get some information on the new games.
It was an interesting move of them to release the games for the plain old nintendo ds. Personally I could definitely have waited for the 3ds to come out and have them on that. I guess traditions are meant to be broken.
Alright, here's my major speculation at the moment:

Firstly, we have Zoroark and Zoroa. They don't have the Gen 1 look, but they do look like they could've been from a transition of Gen 2 to 3(with hints of 4 thrown in). This is good, since many of the Gen 4 designs were lacking in comparison to older ones, but still managed to be great in their own right.

Black and White. While they techincally aren't colors, it is great that they are heading back to the simple days. This, again, has me somewhat hopeful. Perhaps it is a bit too early to start speculating based on just the names alone, but maybe working on Heart Gold and Soul Silver has made Game Freak want to do more games that have the Gen 1 and 2 feel. As much as I like the feel that Gens 3 and 4 give, they don't really compare to the feeling I get playing a Gen 1 or 2 game(or HG/SS, for that matter). Or maybe I'm just being a little too hopeful, given that all we know are the names, two Pokemon, and a general release period(fall, as with all previous Pokemon games).

Now I'm going to tackle the system. While I wouldn't put it beyond Game Freak to release a Pokemon game on the same system(R/G and G/S on the Game Boy, with the latter two designed to make the best use of the GBC while keeping compatibility with the GB), I think it is a bit odd they would do this so close to the end of a system's life span. The 3DS, according to Nintendo(I'm too lazy to hunt down the article right now), is going to be released BY March of next year(in Japan, at least). This is interesting to note, because this means either:

A) B/W will be made with the 3DS in mind, but will be released for the DS(like G/S)

B) The DS is just listed as a place holder, which means that, perhaps after E3 when we get more info, it'll be listed as the 3DS later on. I'm sure Nintendo doesn't want to reveal too much about the 3DS before E3(considering that it was accidentally leaked and was probably announced a little early anyways).

But again, Option B is mostly just wishful thinking on my part. And extreme speculation.
Why am I the only one here that actually dislikes the names? They'll grow on me, I'm sure, but for the moment... they just sound like the names one would give badly-made hacks. o.o
Actually, I posted on another site some possible names, and mentioned these two. This also reminds me of how someone once tried to convince me there was a Black version when I was way younger. Anyways, the names are really simple yet sophisticated. In a way, they're just as "glamorous" as the names Diamond and Pearl were, even though they're just colors. I like them.
Why am I the only one here that actually dislikes the names? They'll grow on me, I'm sure, but for the moment... they just sound like the names one would give badly-made hacks. o.o
Nah. to me, badly made hacks would be random unpronounceable stones that vaguely resemble red and/or blue.

And another thing I've noticed that Black/White has somewhat deviated from. Every generation's namesake has always tied back to Red/Blue. Gold and Silver is the least obvious, but with Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl, they always go with reddish and blueish hues.

Also, I smell racist comments from the Bible Belt, causing the game to be renamed Pokemon Ebony and Ivory. And that sentence just reminded me of Skinner and his mother singing the song in front of Springfield.

EDIT: OH OH OH OH. Theory from /v/.
In light, white is the presence of all colors/the entire spectrum.

On a surface, Black is the absorption of all colors/the entire spectrum.

The Yellow/Crystal/Platinum of this generation will be Pokemon Spectrum (or Pokemon Rainbow, if they are feeling sassy). Calling it now.
Wow. I was bloody surprised to see this, that's for sure. :O

The names... eh... I think they'll probably grow on me. Right now I'm hoping they'll actually do something new/go back to a simple kind of style, rather than "well we actually couldn't find any more cool-sounding gemstones that go well together".

I was expecting the next generation to be on the 3DS, this'll be three rounds of main Pokemon games on one handheld. Wow.

Still, I'm excited. :D Black sounds the coolest, buuut... I have the tradition of getting the second title (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Pearl, SoulSilver)... it'd be a shame to ruin that now, haha. So I guess I'll be getting White.

Dark/Ice legendaries pleeease, Game Freak. And gyms that are actually interesting, rather than having rock as the first and all that. But hey, I'm sure it'll be better than Diamond and Pearl, which for me were pretty much an awful low for the series. :/
Black and White have been used as names for awful fangames. But honestly. Have you seen the names of most fangames these days? Using increasingly obscure and unpronounceable minerals is not cool or interesting, it makes you look like you're trying too hard, or like you just picked the first name from Wikipedia you could find that you're sure no one else has used (this is almost never the case) regardless of whether or not it has any relevance to your plot or pokémon.

Don't really care enough to speculate. I mean, I am looking forward to them, just... I don't feel like bothering. I'm just going to sit back and let the news come.
Guys, another theory from me.

Two dormant Pokemon with pure contrasting energy within them, and team of explorers release the power.

10 years on, evil team surfaced from out of nowhere with the leader wearing a mask. Plans to take over the world. Think Rocket brutality, Galactic genius. Taking over major cities, including the League. Calling out the President/whoever is in charge of the nation and threatening to destroy the region using one of the Pokemon (varying between regions, both for the inevitable third version) and the protagonist has to defeat him, teaming with a veteran trainer who's well-versed in the lore.

Bad guy defeated, the energy released from him and unlocks the cave/temple/whatever and awakens the third Pokemon in the trio. Veteran discovers who the guy was, and also discovers who the hero's father was.

Both the leader and the hero's father were leading the exploration team when they released the energy. It polarized between them and the leader absorbed all the dark energy and the hero's father absorbed the light energy. He couldn't take it due to his age, and it was instead passed on to the hero.

Now the energy from the hero is now spread across the region, giving everyone a new hope. Cue the Elite Four, the never-changing Frontier and more useless legendaries.
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