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Requests Open CLICK ME

Thanks for All the Fish

so long~ and...
Evo? Well uh since you said I can do whatever you like with it now or something I tried drawing an evo myself o~o but i wanna see how you'd do one~ more of a friendly challenge than a request, you don't have to take it if you're too busy.


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Whenever you're not busy, I wouldn't mind an evo too o:

I keep trying to catch you when you're not full on requests but it keeps filling up while I'm at school or something. >:< So when you have time is cool~



Vision Pokemon
Dark/Psychic Type

When under observation by humans, EONUE will not move at all, sitting silent and motionless. If it senses that it is needed, it will teleport to that location instantly and do its best to help.

Pup Pokemon
Dark Type

CERBEROLF are easily distracted, each head finding something new and interesting to sniff at. It's not uncommon to see one standing motionless with one head sleeping and the other two arguing about who found the better thing.

Inkwell Pokemon
Normal Type

TWITCHIAN secrete a colourful substance much like ink from the nib on the tendril on the back of their heads. They use this substance to scrawl all over anything they can find, and try and teach other Pokemon how to do the same. They can get frustrated if their 'student' has trouble understanding.

Shadphoon -Dusk Stone-> Nighphoon

When a SHADPHOON evolves, it and its shadow truly become one. Its shadowy hindquarters can change shape at will.

Alrunnik -Lv 40-> Skununne

More evos when my brain stops being derpy D;


The word 'Nerd' is a compliment.
Ooh, requests are open now.

Can I request one?

I am very intense and intelligent, although often lazy and unmotivated. I spend a lot of time doing fairly pointless things. I am reclusive and prefer to be alone than in large groups, although I do well in them. I am critical of myself and others, and also somewhat stubborn.

My favorite type is dark.

Thanks in advance.


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oh, cool! thanks alot. if you want to make an evo, do so, but I don't care much.



Blazhart -lv35-> Blazbyrn -lv55-> Blazfirno (Fire/Dragon)
(I had to do two it didn't seem right without two :c)

Stilish -Water Stone-> Stilgician

*dies* Okay I think I'm going to limit evo requests too, so many x___x three slots for these alongside the regular ones. If everyone I haven't done yet could re-request...?


Mage of Blood

Mask Pokemon
Psychic Type

MEIDE are masters of deception, using the ever-changing masks that hover about them to confuse and evade foes. They are usually friendly, however.
I LOVE IT! It's also cool enough to go without an evo. But do you think you could draw another pose? I want to draw it to see how close to the original concept I can get.

And my dA: Mystarious
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Karkat Vantas

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Do you have space left? If you do, then this will probably be a change of pace.

Uh, I'm very stoic and I have a have a self deprecating personality. I like Ground types and pretty much like defensive Pokes more than offensive ones.