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Grand Opening (ends: January 17 2010)

Is this going to get an extension or something? It seems kind of unfair for you to only approve the first ten or so bank accounts and disappear for a while when there's an event with a deadline like this...
Hi! I'm the Safari Zone's relief pitcher. Unfortunately, I'm just as in the dark as you all are as to what the grab bag was going to be. It was probably much better than what I decided on, but here it is.

Everyone who made an area on or before the seventeenth recieves a shiny new


Safari Zone Grand Opening Evolution Pass!

This grants the area owners one free evolution, whether it be stone or not. Any evolution to any pokémon. It's not great, but it at least returns your area fee?

A new event will come up soon!
Put it under your items in your PC, then when you link to your PC in the Evolution Station and mention it, it'll be used!
mine was made on the 18th but i swear i had it all typed out on like the 15th and furret made like a tree :(
Hey, there wasn't anything stopping you from putting it up - I had mine up when my account wasn't approved - and if I start extending it now I'll have to give one to everyone. Sorry! Try again next time.
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