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Grand Opening (ends: January 17 2010)


Bouncing Off Clouds
Welcome to the latest version of The Cave of Dragonflies Safari Zone! To help get it off the ground, all members who make an area will receive a grab-bag of unique prizes on January 17. If you're an area owner, post a link to your area in this thread.

I can't tell you what the prizes are, but I can guarantee they will be very valuable once this event ends.
In which forum do we make our own area? Sorry, I'm a little confused. I'd love to make one, just don't know where :P This is great by the way :D

EDIT: And also, do we keep the proceeds of our area? Say we charge $1 a go, does that dollar go into our account?
It goes in the main Safari Zone forum (where the Fishing Contest currently is) and yes, you receive 100% of your proceeds. :)
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