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League Championship 2009

But of course, becoming league champion would be a huge step towards world domination! Count the Twitchean Union in.
Prettzel, thanks for volunteering to ref. There are more people signed up than I expected, so I'll be sure to take you up on that.

For everyone else, just a reminder that there's only around twenty-four hours left before registration closes, so if you're interested in playing, you need to post soon.
Prizes have been determined, pairings are posted, and I don't think I ever want to look a randomizer in the face again. Thanks again to everyone who volunteered to ref; I've given you one match each for this round. Hopefully you won't find it a particularly difficult one to handle.

Good luck to all the participants; get out there and fight!
YetiPenguin, a word for you by Negrek

Damn. In the future, if you notice that you've been passed over, please say something earlier. I've added you to one of the current battles, making it a 3vs3. Sorry for the mistake.

You've been added to this battle
All right, it looks as though the first round of the tournament should be finishing up pretty soon. For those who advanced, you'll be using your own pokémon in the next round, so I'm posting the rules in advance so you can arrange your active squad to your liking before the battles start. I'll be putting up the next round's pairings and battles as soon as the last one of this round closes, so whatever you've got arranged at that point is what you'll be playing with. If, at the time that your battle is started, you have fewer than the required three pokémon in your active squad, your last slot will be filled with a random pokémon from among those legal in the league.

The arena and special stipulations for this arena were created by Kratos Aurion; I just set the banned/restricted moves and style and all that. Some of you may be familiar with it:

3vs3 Single
Battle Stye: Set
DQ: 3 Days
Damage Cap: 50%
Banned Moves: OHKO's, direct healers, perish song, baton pass

Terrain: Outside the Battle Arena

The battle takes place right outside the Battle Frontier's Battle Arena facility, out in the open air. The immediate area is covered in nicely manicured grass and a few flowers. The Arena building itself is surrounded on three sides by water and a small pond sits on the other side of the battlers, so water moves can be used and Water-types that need to swim can do so. The battlers cannot move away from the immediate area, so heading towards the plaza or another facility is forbidden. Maps of the general area can be found on this page.

Since this match is happening so close to the Arena, it seems such a shame not to follow Greta's rules... or, at least, a variation on them. As such, both battlers will send out their PokÈmon and attack for three battle rounds (a total of 9 attacks per PokÈmon) before the ref calls a halt. After the three rounds both PokÈmon are recalled and unable to continue in the current battle, and their current health, energy and status are noted for later. Both trainers will then send out their next Pokémon and continue for the next three rounds. At the end (which should be nine total rounds), the health and energy of all Pokémon is totaled and whichever trainer has the highest score wins.

The following rules also apply:

-If a Pokémon has fainted, either due to HP loss OR energy loss, the battle stops right where it is (even if it has not yet been three rounds) and both Pokémon are recalled. Fainted PokÈmon DO still count toward the final score, but as either their health or their energy is at 0% they won't add anywhere near as much.

-If, at the end of the three rounds, a battler is afflicted with a status condition, that condition detracts from their final score as follows:

Paralyzed, Burned, Confused: -10 points
Poisoned, Attracted: -15 points
Asleep, Frozen: -20 points
If the Pokémon has more than one status condition, only the first one they were afflicted with detracts full points; all others afterwards only detract five, no matter what they are.

As an example of how scoring works: Trainer A sends out a Treecko and Trainer B sends out a Turtwig. Treecko and Turtwig battle for three rounds; Treecko finishes with 64% HP and 72% energy and Turtwig finishes with 71% HP and 59% energy. Treecko has also been poisoned by Toxic. Both Pokémon stop battling and so their scores would look like this: Turtwig (71H + 59E = 130), Treecko (64H + 72E - 15 [poison] = 121). Therefore, Trainer B (Turtwig's trainer) would have the lead with 130 points over 121.

This round should, again, hopefully pass quickly; I need somebody to handle my own battle, but I should have no problem taking the rest if necessary.

The late-registration bracket will start up sometime while the second round is in progress, early to mid October by my guess at this point.
As can I, if you need anyone else to take anything.

Also, :D! at the arena choice. Cap means I can't win in one round with Counter anymore, but still. :D!

First the Battle Factory, now this... best tournament ever.
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Thanks, you two. I'm going to try and prod people to ref a bit faster in this round, but if you're down with that, I'd be happy to have you.
If you don't need anyone else to help with reffing, then I'll drop out for at least this round. I'd like to keep reffing, but in the interest of keeping this moving quickly, I probably shouldn't - I may be starting an internship in September, which will probably hinder my ability to get rounds in quickly.
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If you still need a reff I'll happily volunteer. I don't mind speed reffing, the more pressure the better and quicker I tend to reff =3

No worries; I was happy that you were able to help out in the last round, and I'm sure there'll always be openings if you do decide you have time in later rounds. Good luck getting your internship (and in our match, as it turns out)!

Kindling Queen

Ehh, well, I have to admit that your application for advanced ref didn't inspire a great deal of confidence, but if you don't mind me scrutinizing your match pretty closely, then sure, you can ref.

This round's pairings are in the first post, and I'll be putting the threads up shortly. Good luck to all the players!
All right, it looks as though the round two battles are around halfway done at this point, so I'll open up the late bracket for registration. There are only six spaces available, and I will be reffing all three battles that result. The late bracket is open to anyone, including those who have so far lost in the first or second rounds of the tournament. However, those people who lost by DQ may not participate. Additionally, if you did already participate in the tournament, I would prefer that you wait forty-eight hours to sign up again, just so that people who didn't get a chance to do so earlier have a chance before you; if there are still spaces after that point, then the remaining slots are fair game.

The matches in the late bracket will be 1vs1 using loaner smeargle; when signing up, please include the gender you want your smeargle to be and up to sixteen attacks for its movepool. It will automatically have sketch, tail whip, doubleslap, iron tail, and protect (and all pokémon have "chill" without it being explicitly in their movepool) in addition to whatever you choose for it. No attacks are banned in this round, but healing moves are restricted to one per pokémon and the damage cap will be 35%, if that factors into your decision. Additionally, these battles will run on a three-day DQ (I may be a little lenient here because I realize that people are busy, but if you repeatedly miss the DQ you will be dropped). Battle threads will be created immediately once six players have signed up. You may wish to review the information on smeargle in the rules and sketch's entry in the attack guide before playing.

You may not reserve slots. If your sign-up post does not include the gender and movepool you want for your smeargle, you will be ignored and someone can sign up to take the spot you claimed. Winners of this bracket will enter the main tournament in the third round. So, six spots open--sign up if you want in!
Ohhh, boy. I'm definitely signing up for this. I thought I had missed my chance :'D

Smearagle [Temporary Nickname: Resin] (M)
Moves: Conversion 2, Spore, Focus Punch, Substitute, Force Palm, Recover, Taunt, Swords Dance, Natural Gift, Double Team, Fake Out, Leaf Blade, Icy Wind, Sleep Talk, Quick Attack, Dig.
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I would love to sign up as well.

Smeargle [Temporary nickname: Frida] (F)
Moveset: Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Dragonbreath, Charge Beam, Conversion, Toxic, Leech Seed, Nasty Plot, Sleep Talk, Refresh, Taunt, Defend Order
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