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League Championship 2009


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With the opening of Sinnoh's Battle Frontier, Hoenn's frontier is starting to feel a bit under the weather. Bored of the Battle Pike and Battle Dome, trainers are leaving in droves to try their luck in the new facilities of the chilly north. Strapped for cash, the administrators of the Hoenn Battle Frontier have been renting out space to all manner of organizations eager to stage events in the frontier's state-of-the-art battling venues. This year, one of those organizations has been the TCoD ASB League, which is delighted to take advantage of the clearout rates on battle space and looking forward to another tournament after going two years without. Now organizers are hurrying about the Frontier, hanging banners, directing caterers, and putting the finishing touches on the largest event so far this year--the league championship!

TCoD ASB 2009 League Championship

It seems unfortunate to me that, despite the fact that the league has been around for going on four years now, we've never had the opportunity to crown a champion. This summer, I'd like to have a go at setting up a tournament (that will actually finish) to determine who is the best battler in the league at the moment.

The tournament is open to all members of ASB, and at this point I'm not planning on putting a cap on the number of entrants. However, to facilitate the completion of the tournament, early rounds will be played as quickly as possible in order to decrease the number of rounds being fought at once as much as possible. If you are not able to come on the forums to post attacks frequently, you will most likely be disqualified early on, so consider the amount of activity you'll be able to show before signing up.

For the first two rounds, all battles will run with a strict DQ time of three days, for both battlers and referee. I should be able to handle all of the battles besides my own, but if any referee is dedicated enough to take one or more battles on themselves, it would be greatly appreciated (obviously I need at least one for my own battle). During this phase, an away post will only protect the player from disqualification from a tournament battle for seven days; if you're going to be away for longer than that and plan ahead, you can send in orders for as many consecutive rounds as you want early. Doing so will obviously put you at a disadvantage, as you won't know anything about the status of your pokÈmon or your opponent's orders while comming up with attacks, but it is better than being disqualified. Alternatively, you may request that you be disqualified but automatically entered into the late bracket.

The late bracket will start roughly at the end of the second round (ETA October if all goes well) and use the standard week DQ time that all the later rounds of the tournament will use. Players in this bracket will play separate from the main tournament, with the winner(s) rejoining the primary tree in the semifinals. Therefore, the structure of the bracket will depend on how many people are in the main tree, and it will be used to correct any problems in the main tournament's structure (e.g. three people in the semifinal round). Provided there are spots left, this bracket will be made open to anyone, even people who played in earlier rounds but lost, but the first priority is to include people who requested disqualification and placement in the tournament earlier on. Additionally, if there are any battles slowing the main tournament down--for example, if all the battles in the first round are done except for one that looks like it'll take more than a week or so to wrap up--their winners may be moved into the late bracket instead of continuing in the main tournament flow, so that the next round can be started without having to wait for them.

Thus, if you won't be able to keep up with the fast early rounds this summer, you may still have a chance to participate later on in the game. However, the late bracket is likely to have few open spots that will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it is in your best interest to play now if possible. Additionally, because the late bracket will have fewer rounds than the main tournament, people who win their way through it won't accumulate as many prizes as the people who work through the main tree.

If you're wondering how I'm planning to turn over battles within three days despite the fact that I can only be on the forums on weekends, I've asked moon-panther to help me out by e-mailing me with commands that need to be reffed, questions to be answered, and so on over the course of the tournament. I'll e-mail back my replies for her to post. I can access my e-mail any day of the week, so if you have anything that really needs my attention fast, you can use that to get in touch with me; just remember that I won't be able to actually look at the forums, so you'll need to include all relevant information about the situation in the body of your message.

With all that out of the way, let's get this show on the road! Sign-ups are now open, so just post in this thread to throw your name into the pool. You have until midnight next Saturday (EST) to sign up.


Provided that the tournament goes for the projected number of rounds, the prizes awarded will be as follows:

Round One: Winner $10, loser $5, referee $8
Round Two: Winner $20, loser $10, referee $15
Round Three: Winner $30, rare candy; loser, $20; referee, $25
Round Four: Winner $50, rare candy; loser, $30, rare candy; referee, $40
Round Five: Winner $75, two rare candies, mystery gift; loser $50, two rare candies; referee $60


Grass King
Kratos Aurion
Full Metal Cookies
L'il Dwagie
Involuntary Twitch

Round One Pairings

Negrek vs Grass King (Ref: Chiropter)
MurrMurr vs moon-panther
Psymon vs YetiPenguin vs rock-ground
Prettzel vs shadow_lugia (Ref: Kratos Aurion)
Full Metal Cookies vs Blastoise428 (Ref: Prettzel)
Dragon vs Involuntary Twitch
Chiropter vs Articuno
L'il Dwagie vs greategret (Ref: moon-panther)
Blaziking vs Animorph
Athasan vs Kratos Aurion

Round Two Pairings

Full Metal Cookies vs Kratos Aurion
Chiropter vs Negrek (ref: moon-panther)
L'il Dwagie vs rock-ground
Prettzel vs Animorph (ref: Kindling Queen)
MurrMurr vs Involuntary Twitch (ref: Kratos Aurion)

Late Bracket Pairings

blazheirio889 vs Blastoise
Heavy Lobster vs Grass King
Jack_the_PumpkinKing vs Kindling Queen

Round Three Pairings

Kindling Queen vs Animorph
Grass King vs L'il Dwagie
Negrek vs blazheirio889
Kratos Aurion vs Involuntary Twitch

Round Four Pairings
Grass King vs Kindling Queen
Kratos Aurion vs blazheirio889
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Signing up. And I should be able to ref at least your battle if you need me to.

(Also, out of curiosity, what's going on with the September contest?)
Well despite my inability to get a battle yet and thus having a completely un-experienced team why the heck not, sign me up. :3
Thanks for offering to ref, Chiropter and Kratos. I'll put you down for one battle each, unless you're really eager to take more.

As for the September Contest, I'll get around to it sometime.
I might be willing to do more, but it depends on how many more you'd need help with, how fast I can get Animorph and shadow_lugia to kill one another (rrngfh soclose) and what everything looks like before June 15th.
I'll give this a go; count me in. I can also ref a battle if you want. Watch as I get nothing done.
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