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The fastest girl in town
Anybody still go on it? I know, there's been a lot of changes ever since it got taken over by Nick and Viacom...but it still is as fun as I remembered it. Plus, the games are addicting (if only my computer could actually take the games anymore). Though, I won't be forking over money for Neocash anytime soon, even though I do like the style of those wearables. xDDD

My account, BTW, is the same as on here. Flareth.

...Where would this go...in the main entertainment forum or the one for video games...xD
I swear there was a thread somewhere. Oh well.

I joined a while ago, but ended up locked out of my account when I went off it for a while. Then I forgot my fake birthday, see. =/ So I got a new one. I would have called it Frickish, but apparently that is rude and the account got banned. =/ So then I made Ruffledfeathers3. That's my account.

I have the lab map, and I only come on now to zap. I am a bit bored of it as I can't play the new games without my computer freezing.
I'm thenepenthes, I go on it occasionally when I'm bored (usually during school breaks) but I kinda stopped giving a shit after they made the games give less points.
this was my childhood

i loved this game. i had a million mcdonald's toys of them, had a bunch of crap...

then one day after abandoning it i forgot my fake birthday and couldn't get it back. so i signed up again only to find NICKELODEON destroyed everything. i was sad.

i tried to go back the other day but it's painful, man
I got my first account when everything was still like 10 NP at most o3o I was like. 9. But I ended up forgetting my account, sadly, and it was probably deleted for inactivity.

My current is dark_kitten1313 and is 71 months (almost 6 years) old now! Neofriend me if you want :3

It's really not as bad now as everyone thinks :V Oh noooo a company owns it, how terrible. idgaf, the Faerie's Ruin plot was GODDAMN AMAZING.
I heard so many good things about the plot, but I missed it. I actually came back to it by looking at the TvTropes page and noticing in the shoutout section so many geek references.

Looks like Krawk Island may be part of a plot soon too.
Yeah it was amazing. The ending was extremely awesome. I got the second-highest trophy for it, only missed a few achievements (a couple battledome ones, since I suck at it). One of the prizes was a faerie paintbrush! I sold it for a mil np :3 moony used hers on her Kougra, and she looks awesome.
you can find me there as shadowed_violets, but I don't use my account anymore. it's too easy to waste my time on there without actually getting anything else done, so I stopped playing last year. I used to be obsessed with getting perfect names (as a result, none of my neopets have numbers in their names, one has an underscore) and I have a side account called how_romantic which I think is the best ever.
this was my childhood
Haha same. I loved the mutant and Darigan pets. Never did get anywhere close to getting the pets I wanted though.

I haven't really looked at it properly in ages, so I have to ask.... what the hell happened to the art? I mean, I hate to be the "they changed it now it sucks" guy, but I mean, comparing this to this and this to this... The Darigan pets look awful now. The mutants seem to have gotten away unscathed though (apart from the Hissi), I do like some of the new ones like the Acara, Kau (holy shit cthulhu!!!) and Uni.

I just logged on to play the world cup thingy, I don't know how I missed this. I did get to zap my pet into a zombie rabbit though, so that was fun.
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Customization DID make a lot of people leave, though pets that were special colours before the change got left unconverted and you could change them if you liked. Some of the new art IS a little boring, I admit. I wanted a plushie Hissi for ages but when they converted they don't looks as...squishy.

...On the other hand, my Hissi looks like THIS now. So fancy.
I go on sometimes. Usually for the Altador Cup. LOST DESERT REPRESENT!!

The art is kind of failing, and too many Nick things around that kind of ruined it. Oh and the fact they're extorting from it.
The art is kind of failing, and too many Nick things around that kind of ruined it. Oh and the fact they're extorting from it.

...excuse me what?

1. Law.
a. to wrest or wring (money, information, etc.) from a person by violence, intimidation, or abuse of authority; obtain by force, torture, threat, or the like.
b. to take illegally by reason of one's office.

You keep using that word. It does not mean what you think it means.

Having a cash shop =/= extortion. You do not have to buy from it to enjoy the game. I have not bought a single bit of neocash and I have a huge number of NC Mall items. There are all kinds of freebies, especially around holidays, and you don't need to dress your pet anyway, it's optional.

This is one of my hugest pet peeves. A company makes money. That's what they do. Addition of a cash shop or similar does not mean they 'sold out' or anything, it means there are people willing to pay them for virtual goods and services. When it becomes vital to gameplay, which it is not here, then it is a bit of a problem (see: Allegedly Free Game), not when you have the OPTION of buying stuff with real money.

As for the art being bad...

Helloooo the end of The Faerie's Ruin (spoilers, obviously)
I had an account on there in like 2007 XD I had a bunch of plushies and stuff and everything was good and then I went on and my computer yelled at me because it had to block like 3 viruses :\ So now I have stayed away.
ftr neopets only got good when I got adblock plus to block ads because neopets likes to put them everywhere.
Eh, not so much anymore. The oldest active account I have is ~9 years, but I've had older accounts that I lost track of and that I expect don't exist any longer. I do hop on occasionally, do some labbing for a half-assed "adoption agency" I started because I could, but... eh.

I was really into it when I was younger, of course, and for a while I had plans for personalities for my pets and maybe a comic series or two (I have actually been in the NT comics section three times, but not for anything directly related to those plans); I guess those have all been abandoned now, save for some relative enthusiasm for the Altador Cup (which, before you ask, does not translate well into skill at the related games... though I'm not huge on the games in general most of the time) that still exists in the form of this thing.

It didn't really bug me when they changed everything; yeah everything's all copy-pasta now, but I wasn't all that interested in too many of the pet colors that got their designs really dumbed down. (My mutant ixi still looks cool enough anyway, heh.) Don't really care all that much for customization, either, though I will throw some little things on occasionally.

My main is thewinkingcat, if you really want to friend someone who's only active sporadically. Aaand apparently my lookup now looks like crap because they changed the HTML filters but you know what we're all just going to have to deal with it until I care again.
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so i started playing again today

trying to paint my grarrl checkered like the stuffed toy i have of it irl

his eyes are misaligned so i named him croseye

only a billion million points for a paintbrush ):
...god I look at this thread and now I want to find my Lupe again it was like the most adorablest thing evar

I've been on neopets since like...a long time and had about twenty accounts cuz I forgot all the passwords

...I'll just go on to see my Lupe and then get addicted again

EDIT: ...It says I have my Scorchio but uh...it looks like that thing that bounces on it's tail and what the hell that is not my cloudy Scorchio
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Man, this search for Krawk Island thing is getting me a lot of free food. :v

...and stupid treasure chests I have to spend actual money to open.
Man, this search for Krawk Island thing is getting me a lot of free food. :v

...and stupid treasure chests I have to spend actual money to open.

yeah, i went to krawk island because that place was p boss when i left

it was gone

so i played the search for krawk island

O: i found a chest!!

o-oh i need real money

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