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Old usernames?

I have had the same username everywhere ever because I'm too lazy to think of one that does not suck \o/

Except the time when I ragequit TCoD for no discernible reason and then came back a month later for no discernible reason as Meowth and then the forums exploded and I went back to my first username and tried to be not as stupid
I have considered going back to Meowth but meh
pichu chris
Pichu Chris
252 Reluctant Saviour

But I still only use Haunter1 for Turquoise, Absoul and Sunhawk for anything not Pokémon, Pichu Chris for Pichu Bros Forums (long dead, but I like the name, so) and then 252 for Halo stuff

And of course, Cheatmaster is my all-around awesomeness account.
I was Chibs on the old forum(the one before the crash, not the... oldy oldforum of old). Anyone remember me? ...hopefully not.
After that, I've stayed with Worst Username Ever here, because it's awesome. I have/had several other usernames on other sites though, like Chaletica, Zanreo and Hoppip.
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I am now known as...SILVERFALCON!! Not a big change but...eh.

eevee123-Silver-SilverFalcon(this is only temporary though!)
Blade's Back.

The keen observer will notice I inserted spaces, so it goes like this:
RespectTheBlade->FallOut Blade->Respect The Blade
I was originally uncchris.

I switched to Chris when the InvisionFree forums were made. I added the dashes to my name on this forum because the name Chris was already taken (I'm still mad about this).

I used a different name when Mew's Hangout swithced to phpBB, but now I can't remember it.
I was first FatLuxray, then I was Luxcario, then I was TS (Throwing Stars). Most people know me as Luxcario.
Joined as Mewtini, changed to Indigo, to Mewtini, to Psychtini, and now Mewtini.

Most people know me from when I was originally Mewtini, but I think more people call me Indigo.
First DarkAura, then Rizadon, but Rizadon sucked, so I'm back to DarkAura. (is there a rule about posting on topics that are too old?)
On Cheatsguru I was DarkraiGirl007.

I was that on another site, too, but then I got obsessed with Bleach and changed it to Ulquiorra with these fancy little stars around the name, so it looked like ※Ulquiorra※.
And I got tired of looking for stars, so I changed it to Ulqi-chan.
And kept it over here. Fwee.
^I was there! X3! I was Pikamander on Cheatsguru, Pokemon4ever on BG, changd it to Tokine on BG, then changed it to Kagome on BG. X3!
It's stickied. It is never too old to post on.

If it wasn't, we would all be warned or something (infracted).

I feel like it's worth stating that newer members will be very easily recognized. :x
It's stickied. It is never too old to post on.
Ughhhhh this is why I hate the bumping rule.

It's a thread that remains relevant regardless of how old it is. It's not to do with it being a sticky; it's to do with not being time-sensitive.
Oh, well, I heard that stickies are never outdated from Negrek. That was an ASB sticky though so I don't know.
Right, they aren't. It's just that quite a lot of threads that aren't stickies are also never outdated.
when I joined (nov 2005) I was G-Mew, then ZigZag, then Crystalline Pikachu, then Leafpool, and now Polymetric Sesquialtera.

Polymetric Sesquialtera is a reference to an inside joke that me and my crush had about a year ago, I guess it's a bit outdated now because I have a boyfriend (who isn't the person I had this inside joke with) but my names on the other two forums I'm on are Multiphonics and Lilt (inside jokes in the same vein) and I'm too lazy to change any of them so eh.
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