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Old usernames?

I used to be spunky the raichu with no capitalization because I hit the caps lock at the wrong time, lol.
I was Everglider 225, then Everglider, then FyreSkai, and now Holly Day. I think I'll change it back to Everglider though.
I think I joined here as Muffin (if anyone remembers me from back then I am so sorry).

Then when D/P came out I decided to change my name to Poffin just to be cute or something.

Then I tacked the world Blueberry onto it for some reason I can't remember and became BlueberryPoffin.

Then I can't remember if I went by Oddberry before being Spaekle Oddberry or not, but one did come before the other.

Then I decided Oddberry was too lolrandomXD and decided to just be Spaekle.

EDIT: Eelektrik Barbarella was a bad pun based off a Duran Duran song.

And technosexual was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, I might change it again here soon. Possibly back to Spaekle because everyone here still calls me that anyway.
And now....I'm Luxcario again. Almost everyone on these forums who know me call me Luxcario, Lux, or LC
Lesse, This username I have was my first, then I switched to FallOut Blade, Then Respect The Blade, and now back to this. Not much change.
Raventrainer~Pikeevee~Grey Zangoose~ Lombre~VeryDibThnx~Ruffledfeathers~Scraggy~Derpy

Probably some others but oh well.
I was Number 100. I chose this username because I have the userid 100 on this current incarnation of the forum. Aren't I clever?

From 2004 until 2009 I was known as Abwayax. Please never call me that anymore.

In 2004 I was Professor Glitch. That was the name I signed up under back in the Conforums era, although I only posted a couple of times.
I was also sometimes known as Nemesis. This comes from a line of dialogue in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories" where Kaiba calls the player his nemesis. I got this game for my birthday in 2003 and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite it making no sense and not following the rules of the actual game.
When I first joined, I had the name SneaselLover, mainly due to being a repressed/hormonal Poképhile. I felt a bit embarassed about the name and changed it to Mah Boi. It stuck, but I played the Pokémon Ranger games, and changed my name to Mr. Kincaid, the best character in those games.
I used to be called One Mew, but then I took an arrow to the knee both of the personality quizzes and discovered that I had changed from a Psychic Mew to an Electric Togetic. so I changed my name to that. On most non-Pokemon gaming sites, I call myself YoshiPikminz. At school, my friends call me Yoshi (like the nintendo character, but I'm not sure if that counts as a username).
I've been here for quite a stink, on and off maybe, but in the end I've rarely had an inclination to change my username, and have only used:

Eon Spirit, Dapper Deathclaw, and Richard the Cincinno. Alternating Eon Spirit between each of the others.
I've always just been BlackChaosMew, but can't recall what happened to my old account on here so that's why this one is BCM. It's been years :unsure:
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