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Old usernames?

I remember your DMFA dook-pancake avatar and I'm pretty sure your name was like Blitz or something.

I was Fyxwiq or something forever ago. Like, 2004 ago.

Blitz? You sure that's her? That's not the name I remember, unless she actually had two embarrassing names she wishes people would forget.
I've been Ruby since I joined, although I did consider choosing Sapphire instead. How different the world might have been.
I've always been Arylett Dawnsborough, since I first joined this place.

Although briefly, due to complaints of my name being too long, I changed it to just Arylett. After the forums crashed though, I decided that I felt like something was missing without the "Dawnsborough," so I reinstated it back. (I still use Arylett in places where Arylett Dawnsborough is too long or where they make you use an underscore for more than one word though.) I had a thought of changing it to Arylett Charnoa one time too, but... Dawnsborough had grown on me, so I canceled the request before it ever happened. It's really odd for me to keep a name for so long... nearly three years or so. I used to change my names obsessively in other places, but I guess I've found one I'm really satisfied with.
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...green was oreos?

Anyways, Mewtwo is the only name I use on TCoD. Everywhere else, I'm Mystarious.
No, I still do! But you posted some guide on how not to get your ass kicked on the forums and I loved it so much~

Also, you were the first mod I saw around for a while, and thus you were the first to have a halo of awesomeness in my weird perceptions. x3 I was a nooblet back then, though. Don't worry, you're still awesome and looked up to.
When I first joined about 5 or so years ago, I was Meche, then I quickly turned that to Mercedes. (I wasn't very original back then, now that I think about it) And then I got bored of that name so I changed it to Mercy.
Back before the forums asploded, I changed my name a few times. There were others, but all I remember are:

Dusk 'till Dawn - Not sure why.
Hysterical Markku - One of my more common names, I use variations of it almost everywhere.
Calyx - Pretty cool name that I saw on some webpage. Can't remember.

Then when the forums came back I was known as Markku V, and now I'm Manic Fame. :D
Blitz? You sure that's her? That's not the name I remember, unless she actually had two embarrassing names she wishes people would forget.

Oh are you thinking of that other, alliterative name? SomethingSonata? I think? I know she had one and Sireafi had one and at least one of them was a Sonata...

EDIT: No, it was SolarSerenade, and that one was Sireafi. Umm.
EDIT2: Ancient #tcod logs point to Midnight having been LunarLullaby.
Uh, I was Flora and Ashes until recently, changed it since it was a bit too long and plus it sorta reminded me of my semi-noobish days (oh good god) That's...the only username I've ever used here.
The only one I ever remember using here was Wind of Darkness for a month when I first joined before the crash. I changed it to this and never bothered changing it again.
I....I changed my name so often when I was younger.

The only two names I can remember from back then are The Ninja Pikachu and One Winged Kitten.

But Flareth is now how I go, will probably not change anytime soon.
I had my orignal username *witheld because I hate it*

then Brock for the Anime thing.

Now Hidan because he is awesome and I have nothing else to change to.

Brock was a good name for me though, I liked it alot.
I signed up as ShinyPorygon waaaaay before the forum asploded, then changed it to FullMetal. Then I became *lacks cookies* due to the "Post here and and admin will change your username to something random" thread a while back. The "Cookies" bit stick, and when I could change it back, I became Full Metal Cookies. I stayed that for 2-3 years or so, signed up as it again after the asplosian, then recently changed it to Big Red Cherry Bomb since I've started using it more places.


ShinyPorygon -> FullMetal -> *lacks cookies* -> Full Metal Cookies -> Big Red Cherry Bomb

I've been Dannichu since I was about eleven years old and on the very earliest incarnations of Mew's Hangout and Butterfree's Pokemon Site. Christ, that's a decade. o.o

It takes me a ridiculously long time to adjust to people having new names, and I never know which names to use for people who change them frequently.
Ohgod if anyone remembers someone by the name of ScooterWartortle/NewbieWartortle, I apologize profusely :c

Then I came up with this and it should change to Typhy whenever opal has time.
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