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Old usernames?


New member
It seems like most people change their username until they're happy with it or their interests change. Add that to the fact that TCoD has had multiple forum moves and has been around for who knows how long, it seems like a thread dedicated to listing your old usernames would be a great nostalgia fest and have a bunch of wonderful 'Wait, you were sakuraloverkitty7636?' moments.

As for myself, I registered at the IF forums as Zyronixx and quickly changed it to Zironixx after I discover that Zyronixx had results on Google while the alternate didn't. After the forum move to the first VB forums, I used the username Wolfie, because I was such a dork back then. Sometime later, I decided the ridiculously long Oddly Hydraulic, Kay¿ was a better option. I finally and thankfully settled with the much shorter Spoon after having a sudden spark of inspiration after picking up a spoon to eat some instant ramen. I forgot my password to the Spoon account and made an alternate account called Spoon-Fork. I managed to remember my old password, which got me into the position of having two accounts. >: Then TCoD imploded. The second and current VB forums were created and I registered as Spoon. (I've had a few other usernames, but I don't really think they're noteworthy.)

OreosFTW -> Zapdos -> Green -> Fish and Ships -> Green -> OKUTANK -> Green -> KronoGreen -> St. Christopher

Seven names, nine if you count duplicates.
I was G-Mew on IF, then ZigZag on the first vB, and then Crystalline Pikachu later on that vB, and then I changed to Leafpool shortly before the forums imploded and then I registered as Leafpool on the new vB and have been Leafpool ever since.
My original username was Kam.

I briefly changed it to Character of the Day for the Rocket Takeover.

Then I changed it to Kammington.

It will be changed to Karkat Vantas when the admins stop being lazy and finally get those name changes done.
I was Nozomi on old VB for a bit, but then changed it to Ketsu as I matured a bit. I kept Ketsu after the old fourms imploded.

Please don't use the Wayback Machine to look me up. For the love of God, don't look me up. Or forget about what I was like then. orz
I was one thing before MidnightSaboteur, on pre-explosion vB.

No one will ever know.
...I was always Stormecho. *fails* I like the username, and thus never felt the need to change it.
Finally! I was waiting for a thread like this. Everyone post here, please, so that I can work out who you all are.
Everywhere I go, Pwnemon. I had to think for an hour to come up with that name, though.
I was one thing before MidnightSaboteur, on pre-explosion vB.

No one will ever know.

I know. I remember because you were using that name during the ToS mafia I ran (or at least you started with it, you might've changed it mid-game). I still have the logs. I have records.

Does this knowledge give me ultimate power over you and the ability to have you jump to satisfy my every whim?

Uh the only other name I've ever used on TCoD is Phoenixsong, which isn't really "old" because I still use that in a bunch of other places (there was Giovanni during the Team Rocket thing, though). I do have about a bajillion other usernames/usernames I'd like to use, but they're all for other sites because inconsistency is fun.
Mine was a very simple change. I just took the underscore out of my name is all, nothing special. I really like my username, and I use it everywhere I go now.

Though, if I had registered a few years ago, my username would have probably been something like Darkblast or AshleyTheCharmander. Those were two usernames that I used a lot back then when I was a mega noob. I came up with my current username in January of 2009.
oh boy here we go

yuubokumindesu_nomad or something; no, I have no idea why.
Desu; yes I was really "Desu". I'm terrible.
Dezz'uu; herp so original
Dezzuu; lost the apostrophe

I have other usernames but they're secret.
The farthest back I wish for you guys to remember me is Meganstaek, but if you remember that chances are you remember my names before that and how retarded I was. :C
You were Floop? I had no idea~

I totally looked up to you back when I first joined, and thought you were awesome
I used to have the username eevee123. I...I don't know what I was thinking. I used to use it alot on other sites, but now I prefer Silver. I've never changed it after that.
Surskitty, weren't you Skoots at one point or am I just crazy?

I've always been _Ditto_, from way back before the implosion, and until recently here. It was from when I ran a Pokemon Fansite, but when I left that career behind me I became Diz Wizzer, and any variants, like Diz or DizWiz.
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