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[PMD2] Outlaw Missions or Rescue Missions?

Do you like Outlaw Missions or Rescue Missions?

  • Outlaw Missions

    Votes: 26 78.8%
  • Rescue Missions

    Votes: 7 21.2%

  • Total voters


The one and only.
Rescuing is easier and offers the same rewards. Then again, I wouldn't NEVER do an outlaw mission, especially if it's in the same place.


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Outlaw missions are more fun, and you fight them right when you get to the designated floor (rather than having to search for them)


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I usually do outlaw missions, but I'll check the Rescue Board on occasion to see if it has anything worth doing. Also, whenever I have a mission in a certain dungeon, I take as many missions as I can that are in the same dungeon to earn more rescue points with one trip.


Outlaw because
a) they give you good(ish) experience
b) you get more rank points
and c) You often get about 200 Poke from Magnezone
(Wow! Outlaw Missions are winning by 12 to 1!)


oh man, good times.
Outlaw missions.
-You don't have to search the floor for your target
-You get somewhat good experience
-They're just more fun :P

Woah, outlaws are winning 14 to 1 :O

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Outlaw all the way. For the said reasons above. Ooh! Ooh! And for the kickass music! :D It's so peppy!

Wow, outlaws are winning 15 to 1! :O



New member
Outlaws! They're just fun to battle, and they're tougher than the other Pokemon in the dungeon, and they have good rewards. My job list is filled with 7 outlaw missions, and 1 rescue mission. Do the math.


dayum, boy!
Gah! I haven't even finished the game yet....so...*whips out DS* Outlaws are fun except they can be hard when you're level 17/8/9 ;-;


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I like the rescue missions, unless the other types of missions on the left board aren't considered rescue missions.

In which case I don't have a real preference. Even though I usually go to that mission board instead of the criminal one.

I think the whole "wanted Pokemon" thing is cool. It adds more variety to the game as a whole.

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okay, I lied. I'm not active.
I like the outlaw missions... when I can actually take them down. I remember once my little brother kept getting owned by this Nincada over and over and over. Even when he let me try to beat it I was defeated! Then I looked at the thing and it had some crazy ranking like A or 2 stars or something. Then we deleted that mission from the job list. But outlaws are still fun.