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HG/SS Pokéathlon

Lady Grimdour

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Re: Pokéathlon

Oh, and effort points (worked hard the most) is easy to estimate.

It basically deducts points based on how strong your Pokemon is naturally (Ho-oh for example has max Skill and 4 in everything else) and adds points for how improved your Pokemon is using Aprijuice (Sunkern rarely has perfect stats though it can achieve 25/25).

So a Sunkern with originally 10/25 but maxed out using aprijuice will get more points than Ho-oh who originally has 17/25 with no aprijuice.


Back in action!
Re: Pokéathlon

OK! But now with a combination of Pokemon, I've made it to the Potential room and only have to beat a record of 30 on Snow Throw to win. However, the best I've ever done on Snow Throw is 19, and that Dodrio person's hints don't help....
But at least my record for Goal Roll is 14 as well! :D


a million miles of water
Re: Pokéathlon

For Snow Throw, I take my middle and right-most Pokemon and just fling at the opponent on the right side. I usually get about 48-50 points that way. :o

jack d d

New member
Re: Pokéathlon

i found a good way to beat snow throw really easy,
set the last two pokemon to have good power and skill
and they should be on the right of your d.s
and make them both rapidly fire small snow balls at the 3 pokemon and the right side
of the screen.
i got about 36 hits like that
p.s anyone got any hints on beating 35 on pennant capture.
its the olny one i havt got high score on


New member
Re: Pokéathlon

I want to kiss you people for handing out Snow Throw tips. I suck so bad at Snow Throw it's not even funny.

Also, I think I know which sunflower seed Pokemon to raise for the Pokeathlon now. :D


Re: Pokéathlon

Snow Throw was definitely the hardest record to beat. I only beat it because I went to catch all the legendaries and spam Snow Balls with them. The trick to Pennant Capture, they actually tell you. You need fast Pokemon and strong ones too. Collide your Pokemon with the CPUs and you can steal their flags. But you have to collide their backs. That's how I beat it. I was so happy that I was screaming the whole day.


Re: Pokéathlon

While I have won a few medals, I'm thinking of just trading over three Draco Arceus to own the 'thlon.

I mean, is it actually POSSILBE to make Aprijuice that raises all stats by three-four? Sunkern seems pretty bad without that.

Holy Pokemon Master

Re: Pokéathlon

Ahh yes...The Pokéathlon. Nice place.

I hate Pennant Capture, specifically because of the record of 50 pennants for the second crown. Everything else is awesome.

The shops in the Pokéathlon are awesome. They sell PP Ups AND Rare Candies. Hoorah for the shops!

Overall, the Pokéathlon is a good place. Woot!


The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.
Re: Pokéathlon

An even better tip for snow throw:

1. get three pokemon who have good skill stats.
2. throw snowballs at the pokemon at the left side.
3. they should be hitting the pokemon on the left the farthest from you
4. DO THIS! (my high score using this is 76!!!!!)

The pokeathalon is probably the best new thing in HG/SS besides the pokemon following you around
(I like that feature, don't ask me why.)

Sage Noctowl

Because Awesome-me = 2 times the awesome
Re: Pokéathlon

How far are you in the Pokeathlon? 24/40 Crowns (9 Collective (need Jump-450), 3 Trust (five medalists), 5 Potential, 7 Friendship)
Do you use the juices? Nah, I've only used them once
Can you max out a Pokemon's stats? I don't like using Juices
How many rooms are there to unlock? none left
How useful is the shop for you? I haven't used it yet, but once I've bought all of the records, it would probably be really useful.
What's your favorite mini-game? I quite like Hurdle Dash
How the heck do you pronounce Pokeathlon? Poh-KETH-ə-lon. Don't ask where the third syllable came from.

Has anyone gotten all 40 crowns, and if so, how many medalists do you need for the last trust trophy?
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New member
wow I'm like 10 years late. I just started playing soul silver again ive been doing the pokeathlon and honestly the only crowns i dont have right now is 2 friendship crowns and the crown for the penant capture have to get 50 my record is 46. i guess i was pretty good back in the day haha, i suck pretty bad now though, learning the skills again. does anyone know what happens when you get all 40 crowns???


Cute forum goer
I LOVED that part of hgss <333 it was super fun for me. I remember getting lots of rewards and records over time :) I might get into it again in the future, too xD Plus its a great way to get ahold of useful items for training in general <3


New member
its true so easy to get useful items for evolving and training pokemon, the battle arena place is great too! I still play the old fire red too its fun to go back to those games they're great!!!!