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Rainbow Factory

Re: Colours Fall Like Snow



Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

Ah, I figure I've been stalking you long enough. Let's see... ;;Digs into bag of comments;; Aha, here's one! Just for you.

I love the style of the dragon series of yours, it's very fitting of the tone of the little stories you give each of them, which I also find fascinating. There's a sort of graininess that's extremely appropriate. And as for the blue dragon, great job on the details and scales. The texture is excellent, and gives off a craggy sort of gruff feel.

And well, I can't really comment on everything, but I'll say for minor criticism that there's something a bit off the Pinkie Pie picture. Her leg seems a tad too long and is at a slightly weird and awkward angle.

But yes, keep up the good work!
Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

:33 Thank you! <3

Yeah, Pinkie there was my first try at drawing ponies, so she's a bit off :c it was good practice tho.

AND NOW giant images! Expression sheets of various characters in my D&D game. I still have a few more to do.


(my DMPC, Ryder)


(Zora's character)


(Sable's character)


(and an NPC)
Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

Lysander is the best paladin ever. Just sayin'. He's totally going to get sainthood. He's going to be the saint of profanity. (He's Dark Shocktail's character, BTW)

Also, hello again, Jacob. Still just as adorable as ever. x3c
Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

Oh, a Rufflet, I like it. It looks so... little, but the title you gave it gives it a totally different mood. I love how you made it so that the expression is a little hard to figure out... I'm not sure whether he's annoyed or just being serious. And wonderful coloring, as usual.

I also really like the drawing that you did earlier of the gray bird... it looks like a cockatiel to me. That one is really cute. I especially like how you shaded the eye, since that's probably most of what makes it adorable.
Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

As you can probably see, I really like that little eagle. And that grey bird is so cute!
Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

He is the MANLIEST RUFFLET you guys :3 Manly. So manly. And dressed as the Soldier from TF2 :3c

And yeah that's a cockatiel; more specifically, one of the ones my parents have back home. Her name is Stan.

and now for something I like to call "a bunch of doodles Cherry slapped colour on"



and this is just a pink-line sketch but SCIENCE

Re: Colours Fall Like Snow

...Does that dude need more sleep or what?

Your art is awesome. I check this thread all the time.
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