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Suggestions sometimes i doodle

Re: Everart


Probably the best drawing I've made of myself.
Re: Everart

The legs are just a bit long. And i see erasing marks of...a bird? xD! Still, that's pretty awesome.
Re: Everart

Trying out a new style of eyes. And a new pen! The pen is a TUL... It's permanent, so the lines are a lot thicker than I'm used to... Still getting used to it!


This is the first drawing I inked entirely with the TUL. I drew it too small, so the lines are a bit messy-looking. This is my best friend, Lauren :D


Yep, that's me! Randomly crying too!
EDIT: Oh I don't know what on earth compelled me to wear a blue shirt underneath a pink sweater, but I did.


Me again! Nope, I'm not that cute.
Did this one with my old pen.
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Re: Everart

I like it. :D
My only suggestions are on the first one. The ear looks... strange. :/
Also, the eye seems a bit too big for the head, and is a bit disproportional, imo.
Other then that, it looks really nice. :3
Re: Everart

I really like the pose on the last one. Your style is cute. It's good enough that it took me a while to notice that you don't draw hands...

Keep up the artness!
Re: Everart


From left to right: Me, Myself, and I.
I think I'll let you interpret this one...
Re: Everart


Hayhay for once you don't have to look at drawings of me!
Have my fursona instead.


And my favorite drawing of me.
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Re: Everart


A silly drawing of a scene from Masque Carnivalia. Tess the Bayleef and Kiara the Squirtle.
Re: Everart

Hi, popping in to say your art's rather nice :D I really like the head shape and ears of Dar (Cubone?)'s fursona. And you seem to have the basic outlines of things like paws, feet and general anatomy down! That's always good.

A few things; on Inqi the bump on his(?) back seems to be too far back? I assume that's the shoulder, so that should be a bit further forwards. Also he doesn't seem to have a neck. The hindlegs could be a little more shaped, as well; animals have a knee and heel like humans do. I should probably find a reference or something for that? And a few of your older drawings of yourself don't have eyebrows, but I dunno if that's a stylistic thing or what.

Sorry if you knew any of this already! Anyways, your outlining's really smooth and nice as well :0 Whenever I outline something it ends up with blotches where I hold the pen for too long. So good job hiding those/not making any blotches!
Re: Everart

Oooh thank you I didn't notice any of those things! ^^ If you're worried about your pen, I find Foray pens are nice and even.
Re: Everart


Those... are really good! I need to draw some (bad) pictures of myself!
Re: Everart

Ooh, sorry to burst your bubble Frost, I color with colorpencils.


My best friend's fursona, Medolia. Now that you mention it, Windy, her shoulder is too far back too. And her left front leg is awkward-looking.


Chibified or something. My, we're seeing a trend here, aren't we?
Re: Everart

Guys, I've been running out of inspiration here! I need suggestions!
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