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Song Choice Mafia [NIGHT 2]


Night falls over the Concert Hall.

Little do all the Song-people know, one of their number may not wake up in the morning...

[48 HRS for night actions]
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Re: Song Choice Mafia [NIGHT 0]

The day comes quietly, the sun filtering through windows onto the sleeping songs, who wake one by one...except for This is War, who is missing...the songs start to search the vast concert hall, and they soon come upon the missing one in the sound booth. There are a few squeals from the startled songs, and some even recoil from what they find.

This is War is hanging from a boom microphone by their neck, many wires holding them up, and there is much blood over their body and the floor. Their head has a wide hole in it from ear to ear, through the centre of their skull, and brain matter and skull fragments litter the floor. There is a bloody message on the walls.



This is War (Phantom) is dead. They were Innocent. 24 HRS for talking.

I had to randomize FOUR actions tonight. This is UNACCEPTABLE.
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Re: Song Choice Mafia [NIGHT 0]

Well, would you look at that, we have enough veggies to make some wicked salad.

Will try to make a more worthwhile input later.
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Based on my knowledge of the songs, I nominate Metallica Fanboy.

I'm seconding but not voting yet.

So I kinda put together a suspicion list based on the songs:

Glace - lover?
HighMoon - vanilla or doctor?
Zora of Termina - vigilante?
Flower Doll - lover?
Mai - mafia, townsperson or alien?
Doc Scratch - tracker?
Zapi - bodyguard?
Metallica Fanboy - don or miller?
Respect the Blade - mafia or beloved prince?
Karkat Vantas - what is this i don't even
RK-10 - jack-of-all-trades, inspector or vanilla?
Skyman - seer, possibly lover?
LegendarySeeker99 - Silencer ?
Effercon - seer or double-voter?
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

*reviews Metallica's song*

Hm..I can see why you would think he would be a mafia, and I agree with you there. It does show leanings to Mafia or some kind of controller role in general. Though it is early in the game and all we have for leads are our songs, we have to use what we can get so we can take down these music killers.

So, as a bandwagon is it, Metallica Fanboy
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]


Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Well, from what I can gather, Master of Puppets sounds like it would be either a Mafia don role or a sort of Cult Leader role, neither of which are very good things to have around (I'm remembering that right, right? The Cult Leader is the role that can "recruit" a certain number of members and if he dies they die? That might've been just the one game I played though... I dunno, it's been a while since I done Mafia at all so let me know if I'm wrong.) That said, my vote goes to Metallica Fanboy.
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Metallica Fanboy was kind of asking for it picking that song, wasn't he? It by no means means he's mafia, but his song is by far the most appropriate for that role. Which is why I think there's not a bad chance he's actually miller.
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Bandwagon's full, please catch another...

Guess I should follow the bandwagoners.

Metallica Fanboy
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Woah hey, guys, wouldn't that be far too easy?

I could be the puppet as much as I could be the master. The lyrics show both points of view.
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

The fact that you might be mafia is the only major lead we have at this point, though, and since it's a bit difficult to inactive lynch on on D1 and quite useless to abstain, people are going to be compelled to vote for you.

After listening to your song, you do have a point, so I'm holding my vote for now.

Also, I will just say that Light is pretty far off with my role (where did you get bodyguard from, anyway?).
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

Well, if a bit reckless, it's a valid policy lynch.

Might as well claim, since it won't really matter. I'm a channeller. I can use the role powers of dead players, without knowing what they are. Well, I never got the chance, since I'm going to be the second to go down, I guess.

Just goes for show that the role and the song may not always match THAT well, so, I'd advise you guys to ease up on the role speculation from song content.
Re: Song Choice Mafia [DAY 1]

I haven't listened to all of the songs here yet, but I do want to mention that if those lyrics are in any song's other than Phantom's, that makes for a good lynch target.

I feel compelled to believe Metallica, so I'll abstain.

On Light's role list: I don't really think it's to be taken that seriously. I can't say how accurately he pegged my role, considering what he said. Mafia, townsperson or alien? Why, I think those are the three most common alliances in Mafia! Other than serial killer (which could be justified with Horrible being on his own), lover (Horrible's crush on Penny), and jester (just a less lethal version of alien), I can't think of any other role that doesn't fit into the pattern somehow.

I guess I'm unpredictable. x3
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