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The Black Market

Lord of the Fireflies

Back in black.

Sadly, I don't need two of them. So whoever wants one can buy it for a few dollars under its normal price or trade it with a Pokémon on my christmas wishlist. Except Absol, I already have one.


Well, I already have an accelgor. Although more likely than not I'll probably jump on whatever bug gets offered up next.
You guys are silly.

You seem to be short some vital items, LotF. Store credit worth 15 at Kusari-Mart would fix that, I think. this is not cheating


loves terra "brain cells? idk her" kingdomhearts
As much as I LOVE Litwicks, I've got 3 fire types and very few other Pokemon. Sooo, I'm selling my Female Litwick, ability Flash Fire to anyone who wants her. I'll accept about $8 or $9, maybe more if someone wants to pay more than that, :P.