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The "Fwee" Thread

So, I put in about a half hour to an hour of thinking, and I finally figured out what about me has caused all of the problems to it.

Unfortunately, this trait doesn't exactly make me motivated to try and fix the problem. But it's a start.
I have constructed a computing machine!
It works!
It's not on fire!
I've been using it for an hour or two now and nobody has died!
Got a (still ongoing) win streak of 20 in the Battle Maison Super Single Battles! Which is great, considering I couldn't get more than 2-3 with my old team.
Caught Mewtwo with the third Dusk Ball I used, and according to that one ace trainer it has pretty much perfect IVs in attack (durr), special attack and speed! :B
It has all come down to this.

As stated above, yesterday was three months with my wonderful girlfriend <3 Guys, that's an entire fourth of a year! :D She's the best <3
Aww yeah our team won the 48 hour game jam at a local LAN party, and the prize was REAL MONEY
guess who's gonna buy Pokemon X to go with my Y???? spoiler: it's me
What game(s) did you play?
I should've clarified; it was a game development competition :P
The theme was two words: 'radio' and 'revolution', and we made this multiplayer snake-esque game. The players could choose a 'radio station leader' (the head of the 'snake') and then four followers from 5 uniquely-skilled characters, and then beat golden LPs (points) out of greedy producers and other players by attacking them.
I was one of two graphics artists in the team, I designed the characters and made their animations :D
It was pretty fun!
I must say, the Elite Four theme in X and Y is the finest in the series.

*just finished listening to a three hour loop*
successful day at banzaicon! met Lisa Ortiz and Vic Mignogna and got an art commission as well as buying a bunch of other stuff :D
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