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The "Fwee" Thread

I somehow always have incredible luck when it comes to a board game I've never played before. Well, I just beat my friends at a 3-hour long game of Talisman and that felt pretty awesome.
Busy, busy...!

Writing a campaign for my first irl D&D game in aaages!! It's fun, and one of the guys wants to worship my custom goddess with his pally, heehee. EXCITED.
I have a boyfriend. When did this happen?

EDIT: I get to go see the Jets on Tuesday. Shhhh I'm old school.
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Today our church had Sunday afterhours (We have a little sermon then the youth has some group event.) Today it was dodgeball in the FAB (cafeteria/old basketball court). I won the tie breaker game! Everyone was hugging me and high-fiving me and chanting my name. A couple of the guys but me on their shoulders and cared me around the room. It was awesome.
great birthday
got $300 from family, $60 from lotto, $60 in vouchers
and a new desk chair (COMFY it is hugging my butt) and a poncho from friends and rayman:origins and an origami set

also got to have lunch with my mum, dinner with my friends, and dinner with my family and my mum made an awesome cake
aw yeah
My main fanfic on ff.net has gotten 115 reviews, 97 Favorites, and 93 Alerts.

I am liked.

I happy. :3
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