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The "Fwee" Thread

I have been called smart a lot lately. I don't view myself as smart, I think I am an idiot, but it is nice to know that people think that about me.
so close... so close... SO CLOSE!

germany, i am coming. i cant wait: paris, dark restaurants, italy, FWEE!

with that said, my presence will be heavy these next couple of weeks and then drop off for a couple of weeks. unless i can get wifi.
Jake got into the Top 8 at the M13 Prerelease, and we pulled some neat stuff! Like the new Liliana, Akroma's Monument, Primordial Hydra... and a few other neat things. One of my packs had a Trading Post and a goat token together. It was destiny.

Also, I won a blank, white playmat... I'm really excited to do something with it! But I have no idea what to do on it!
Heading off to London tomorrow for four days. Damn, that really flew in. I'm really fucking excited right now. :D
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I got some good cards from another booster pack of magic cards.
I got my second Mythic rare card. I'll be great fir when I get a good deck with light cards in it.
Being part of my family for a week and being mostly-disconnected from society made one of my friends get extremely amused by tickling me. Which is what she did most of the vacation.

I really don't mind.
Got to see a good friend of mine for the first time in three weeks.
Then I got to see another friend who I hadn't seen since the last day of school (June 10?)
And I get to go to both the church lock-out and band lock-out again and they added swimming and the University of West Florida to the church one.
I'm also getting some money paid off of my band fees through a pledge-funded free car wash event. (I'm getting 5 cents a person per car from like 10 people. They estimate around 300 cars total to be washed.)
I also, after a small argument with myself, made a comment on someone facebook post and I got a like. Considering that I am widely ignored on facebook when I post or try to start a conversation through chat or something, that helps add a tiny bit to my self esteem.
Ah, the little things that add a little happiness to my day.
To try and cancel out the negative emotions of my last post on the Coughing Cupboard,
I freaking love the feeling of hearing an awesome song you haven't heard in a while.
I've been listening to several different artists and song recently, but after sitting down and hearing Every Man Has A Molly for the first time in two months, I felt that "my soul feels complete" kind of feeling.


I bought The Binding of Issac, Psychonauts, PixelJunk Eden and the Polynomial for like. 10$ heehee.

when did my steam library get so huge wow

also also my dad got me the Valve comic collection in hardcover yeees
hey kids let me give you a tip

keep attending classes that you don't like or aren't good at! then if your tutor likes you and you have 100% attendance, he might push up your grades a little so you pass! (also known as HOW DID I PASS 3D OHHH MMYYY GOOODD)

also fuck yeah, 81% for film & cinema studies (the tutor thinks I should do honours) I mean I only took it so I can take Animation & Filmosophy next year which I am SO PUMPED for but still, that was a great unit and I wrote two mighty fine essays for that.

kind of disappointed in my intro drawing mark, but eh I got a HD for the first assignment and I'm pretty sure I would have got the same for my second assignment, and I know the group assignment would have dragged down my mark. eh eh nbd

haha who cares about compulsory units (nobody) even if I did get 77 ~whatevs~

this is such great news that it almost makes me forget that I just paid $226 so I could keep owning a car... almost
Yay! Just saw Ice Age 4! I'm now a little less depressed than when I posted in the "'Grr' Thread". Now playing "Charlotte's Web" for PS2! Could my day get any better? Oh, wait, yeah. Raining money and Nintendo products. Dreams...
Thank goodness for libraries. I am back on my original schedule (weekends) until my computer gets fixed. At least I can enjoy your guys company.

Now, if only I could drive. And had money. And had somewhere else to go.
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