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The "Fwee" Thread

I finally got the macaroni and cheese I've been wanting ^-^
Of course, I had to make it myself, but whatever =p
I just bought The Sims 3, along with the 4 main DLC's, because of the Steam sale. They literally just finished downloading. HELL YES.
Alright, a week or so (I think?) late on this, but hey, I've started posting again! Yay!

Three weeks late on this one but I finally came out of a renewed suicidal phase which I forgot to tell this forum about! Yay!

Oh, and I got my hands on the unmixed In Utero sessions! Yay!
computer is now fixed. had viruses out the ass. but is working great.

i leave tomorrow for germany. two weeks and missing the first couple days of school. (we start august 6th)
i leave tomorrow for germany. two weeks and missing the first couple days of school. (we start august 6th)
Hope you have a good time in Germany! =P

Finally got my Safari Zone account set up! I can't post a link due to my laptop's general rubbish-ness but it's up! I have an area called "Cyberspace"! Check it out! =P
In the Variety Fields in Safari Zone, I went to the Dragon(fly) Cave section. My first pokemon there was the only obtainable Butterfree, the rarest available.
First day of band camp in about 7 hours.
Yay. The second best part if my summer is soon.
Also, the new spiderman movie was awesome. The music was great, plot was great, awesome CGI and the moment he brought home the eggs from the store made the whole movie. Can't wait for the sequel.
Oh, and a really pretty girl acknowledged my existence. Hooray for small acts of kindness.
I wasn't going to have a passport but then I got a passport. And now I'm going to Japan again for about a month and a half. Life is cool. :D

Also, I just played Portal. It was cool, too.
Sending this from Atlanta International Airport! Leaving at 4:35 for Stuttgart!
Aha! Finally I figured out how to keep myself motivated when writing :D
Oh I just realized they're both named after flowers...
YES I found good sheet music for some Homestuck songs. Now I don't need to mess around with Finale Notepad and a midi to sheet music converter hahahaha
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