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The "Fwee" Thread

Any mention of Finale reminds me of the time we found out my former ear training teacher had downloaded illegal copies of it onto the school computers and it didn't work well at all.

That was an interesting class after he quit.
I use MuseScore, it works perfectly fine. Perhaps not as in-depth as Finale, but for teaching purposes I should think it would be perfectly sufficient.
Though to be honest I'd never heard of MuseScore before now! Totally going to mess around with this more later.
I'm using Ponify to add fuckin' to the end of everything

omg i'm laughing so hard this is fantastic i cant
oh man I've been seeing all of vondell's posts about it on tumblr and it seems hilarious
oh man I've been seeing all of vondell's posts about it on tumblr and it seems hilarious

It is (and that's where I got the idea). It's definitely the most hilarious. Thing is, though, I have to remember to disable it when I go to edit posts otherwise it fuckin' puts fuckin' in everything. I think eventually I'm going to forget.
And I really don't fuckin' need "fuckin'" 50x times in my fuckin' Safari Zone PC
Yay! Started a Totodile solo run on Heartgold. This is my first one, so it should be fun.
(Next: Magikarp on Platinum. *gets bounce*)
:D I went to see my friends' theatre company's production of Oklahoma and it was nice but HOLY SHIT ROSIE I HAVEN'T SEEMNYOU IN FOREVER!!!
Aha I missed her so much :')
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