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The "Fwee" Thread

I have a massive headache from tripping right before trying to jump over an air mattress and falling on it and also intentionally sliding down the stairs face first twice :D
i beat Majora's Mask today!!

stone tower is officially my favorite Zelda dungeon
majora is my favorite Zelda boss, maybe even my favorite final boss, possibly
I'm stopping doing my university course and no-one's been a douche about it. I am happy. Yay to the future, woo!
I had only three days of school this week, my paper for school is coming along fine, and just in an okay mood.
wow that was pretty cool
have they released any other information on it? (like release date, any specific channel it's playing on, etc.)

No, not that I'm aware of. That's the only video so far of the series, and the only news that RT had on their site was the announcement for the trailer,and one where Monty described how he came up with the world map using ketchup and a napkin.
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