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The "Fwee" Thread


I am feeling much better today, after a good nap, a bit of meditation, and a little therapeutic drawing.

No, not that I'm aware of. That's the only video so far of the series, and the only news that RT had on their site was the announcement for the trailer,and one where Monty described how he came up with the world map using ketchup and a napkin.

Well I'm super stoked to find out any other info that they release :D
Let it be known, today, I was able to open a letter like a normal person and not completely destroy the envelope for the first time ever in my life! This has literally never happened before! I don't think any of you quite understand how excited I am! :DDD!!!
Just bought Donkey Kong 64!! :D (after several questions of the store owning any Gen I or II Pokemon games, Goldeneye, and/or Ocarina of Time)
I know it's only Monday. But I feel great. Better than ever, really.

Tonight was the university wind ensemble concert, and it went much better than last night's dress rehearsal (certainly not perfect, but). I think most people in the band were surprised at how well we held it together. People I trust to judge also said I played well, which is always encouraging (because piccolo. yep.).

Perhaps more importantly, someone from choir offered to do my hair and makeup for this week's concerts, including tonight's. Initially, I was... really nervous to go out (and especially perform) in public. But... it felt really natural. Even if I didn't look like how I was used to looking. Being the picc player, I'm in the front row for everyone to see, and I also spoke to introduce one of the pieces (Ticheli's Sanctuary, for those who care). I was noticeably less nervous than I usually am on piccolo. And really, for the first time in my life, I felt actually sexy. Like, some real turn-some-heads-wow-look-at-her moments (albeit mostly from theatre kids, so uh considering my mileage varied). Negative reception has been minimal; just occasional scowls from older people, who I'm generally pretty good at ignoring.

But the best part is that my social life, despite looking like a "freak", is improving pretty dramatically. I've been invited to dinner a few times in the past week alone, by different people. Some people who didn't think twice about me my first year here are talking to me on a regular basis now. Tonight after the concert, the principal flutist and her boyfriend (who's first alto in the jazz band; we get along pretty well), the euphonium player and I all went to Waffle House for dinner and a chat. These are SC natives who I'm more than sure voted for Romney. And I didn't feel outcast at all. None of that mattered then. What I looked like didn't matter, either. Clearly they were comfortable with me there; we were just band geeks having dinner. The flutist and I are also going to a (flute) convention on the first next month up at BJU (hopefully they even let me on the campus).

I think it's safe to say I finally have friends at school.
The "Fwee" thread is longer than the "Grr" thread! ^_^

By 24 pages!

If I may, that is because the "Grr" thread is already a thread ahead of the "Fwee" thread.

So really it's more like it's behind by about 26 pages.
I have a roommate for next semester!

I'm moving in with my scene partner and it will be the best
Working on my annual holiday drawings for awesome people and, wow, I've gotten nine done and it isn't even December. What is this! Four left! :DD!

(They take at least two hours, by the way. Except one took six because pineapples are a pain to draw realistically.)

Edit: Make that ten drawings. :DDD!!!
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