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The "Fwee" Thread

After a loooong day of cleaning my room, I'm DONE!!! And it's my sister's birthday tomorrow, and I have a surprise for her. And she knows I have a surprise for her, but she doesn't know what it is, so it's driving her nuts. Which is hilarious!!
my upper body and ab region is so sore, and i love it. i'm even more proud that i can do 450 pushups (300 of which were within an hour) in a day.
I almost regretted buying stuff in the steam sale on right now. Then I realised that the games I'm buying cost less than it does to take the bus to university for two days.
And considering I walk as often as I can, I've saved tonnes! I make it out to be almost £100 since I started.
I got promoted!! I am an intern at a local hospital (I'm in university), and they promoted me from fluid-cleaner person to file-organization assistant!
I am genuinely surprised at how this laptop is surviving. It just updated, and still works. I did want to throw it out my window half an hour ago though
Hooray, I'm finally playing a Gen I game! I feel like an idiot though, since there is no genders, eggs, move deleter, etc.
my friend might be transferring to community college back home

which is great because:

a) she really hates her current school and was previously going to put up with it until second semester sophomore year and then decide (which ain't a good idea)

b) it'll be cheaper (which is really good for her family)

and c) she'll be closer to home and to her friends
Does anyone else get a weird fuzzy relaxed feeling when people you don't know too well are really friendly?
I like that feeling.
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