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The "Fwee" Thread

Time for the Christmas parade!
Got the music memorized and baritone decorated in lights!
Even though things have been kind of crummy, I've been in a good mood today. And that's something to appreciate.
I just got back from a sleep over at my best friends house!! She painted my nails all Christmas-y :) Here's a photo in case you cared.

At last, I, CJ "The Wolfmaster" Kid Blaze has returned to his online home.

I also just recently watched a very interesting wolf documentary. Documentaries usually bore me, but I enjoyed this one because it was possibly done by a wolf lover. I love wolf lovers who show wolves as what they are, truely magnefigant predators.
This guy I'm dating is so much more adorable than my ex
he sends me cute french texts and stuff
dude who needs asshole exes
This guy I'm dating is so much more adorable than my ex
he sends me cute french texts and stuff
dude who needs asshole exes

this is so nice and precious omg

i hope this happens to me soon :)
just watched the last two hours of The Green Mile (came into the movie late)
my goodness it was good
i kept crying my eyes out the last hour or so.
That moment when you feel like "yeah, she's never gonna send an email back" and then just when you're about to give up that moment of relief comes and you're like "oh fuck she didn't forget me" and you have to keep your emotions completely intact and try and not respond immediately!

Also, I had a whole conversation about going out of your mind (loosely translated) in Russian. My friend made me apologise to the cookie. Almost as weird as she is. Or I am.
So today, I had an eye appointment. Just to make sure my contacts were working the way they were. Anyway, they remembered me from two weeks ago, and my eye doctor bought me a big cupcake, and then the whole staff sang Happy Birthday to me in the lobby. It was awkward, but really really cool at the same time. :3

Also just got the new Skyrim DLC 8D
So I also just recieved some money from my grandparents, a movie from my brother, and a deliciously awesome chocolate cake. Being from Baskin & Robbin's, the cake has a buttload of mint ice cream. Also got a new version of photoshop so BALLS THE HELL YES.
Today, by turning in my final paper on T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land," I make the symbolic gesture of finishing my last writing class in the history of forever.

Now I can actually focus on the good stuff (a.k.a physics).
Passed my piano jury, effectively skipping two semesters of piano. Considering the only piano lessons I ever took were for a month or two over the summer and everything else was self-taught, I'm pretty proud of myself!

(I love playing piano so much omg)
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