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The "Fwee" Thread

I talked to a girl! The important one! The one I've been (admittedly, but not intentionally, creepily) fawning over all semester. I still think I might have imagined it, it doesn't seem real ~~~~~
Not confident that I did well on my coursework but it's nice that it's over and done with.
I'm gonna go to the WINTER SEMI-FORMAL!!!! :D I'm so excited! It's in two hours! I have no idea what I'm gonna wear though...
People are arguing about Xbox and PlayStation, while I'm just sitting here playing my Wii.
man you think college is boring and suddenly FRIDAY NIGHT MASSAGE LINE

frequenting #tcod for the first time in approx. five years :D
(it hasn't changed much really except I am not hated by everyone there anymore)
My father and I are going to a football game in Seattle on the 23rd, against Seattle's biggest rivals. Apparently NBC agrees with the rivalry, so they bumped the game to the primetime Sunday Night slot. It's going to be the greatest, most excited atmosphere ever.
Yesterday I acquired four tickets to see Kraftwerk live at the Tate Modern. For reference: the website selling them went down immediately and stayed down all day, so I had to spend two hours in a call queue. They sold out in a few hours and are now going for two hundred quid each on ebay.
May be getting an upright piano soon. It's used, cold use a tuning, and is missing the damper pedal (I think).

But, if I get it, it'll cost $30. so :D
Caught a Jolly perfect Attack and Speed Terrakion on my first try

It's only "above average" so its other IVs probably suck, but hey, I'm not complaining :DD
YESSS finished my math portfolio hahahaha. That's 21 pages, 4000 words wow will not leave things to the last second in the future.
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