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The "Fwee" Thread

Urban Dictionary said:
1: A word used to describe something entertaining, pleasing, enjoyable, inevitable, invulnerable, immortal, amusing, diverse, complex, and anything else that leaves a happy effect on one's face.
2: A substitute for the word yay.
3: A word that does not describe anything in particular, but rather just used to talk jibberish.
Fantastic, fantastic day! Hung out with some friends I hadn't seen in ages and an excellent time was had by all.
More or less on winter break now! I still have to show up at school tomorrow, but it's a half day and I get to sign out a school violin ahahahahaha.
I've been terribly ill these past days (which is what caused my absence, I couldn't even move at one point), but I'm making a speedy recovery. And I'm not dead!
I'm getting Minecraft, I'm getting Minecraft~
Just did a crapton of work to ensure I have enough money to get it.
Also, darn this man for reeling me into it. Darn you.
I got another 4.0 this semester, so that's cool. and I'm getting a new mobo and good RAM (and Guild Wars 2) for the holidays so that's cool also. I'm also going to be 20 in like twenty days which feels reaaally weird.

eta: one of my good friends is getting GW2 to play with me! yay!
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Was looking at Rock-type Pokémon locations for Black 2, decided I wanted a Sudowoodo - saw you can get it in a swarm at Route 20. Checked today's swarms. Lucky!
Apparently HGSS doesn't save the game after in-game trades.

About three minutes ago, my 3DS accidentally fell off the desk. The game froze.

...it's all been undone! My togetic lives on yet!
so i'd been looking for the world ends with you ever since it came out (so four years now) and i could never find it

guess what my parents got me for christmas

I had a dream where I felt like I was actually a part of something rather than just being there.
I haven't felt that way in months. It's such a good feeling.
I might either take a bath today or mommy might go food shopping or both. Yay! *fall's over in a flash of petticoats* Owies..
i got an awsome action replay code I GOTS A SHINY CHARIZARD AT LONG LAST FINALLY!!! in fact I HAVE TWO!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPYNESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!! *falls over* owie
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