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The New Tumblr Thread


oh man, good times.
The old one was posted by someone who isn't around anymore, and I don't think the mods can really be bothered to actually edit it and stuff, so let's have a new one! Since I started reblogging random cute things on the internet again people have started following me and I keep frantically texting Dragon like "who is this person who just followed me" and she's like "idk... someone from tcodf..."

pls identify yourselves you guys. :D I am eifurret!

Tumblr Masterlist

Butterfree: antialiasis
Byrus: byrusvirus
Cynder: Cynder
Eifie: eifurret
Equinoxe: aviul
Eta Carinae: dursk
Flora: thechavanator
I liek Squirtles: yourstrangerneighber
IndigoEmmy: indigoemmyalolaphotos
JackPK: bendandsnap-cummerbund
kyeugh: kyeugh
M&F: airlock
mewtini: alone-on-an-aeroplane
Murkrow: myonlypen
Music Dragon: andreazchen
RedneckPhoenix: redneckphoenix
sanderidge: sanderidged, patapatapanpan (Animal Crossing)
storm: xivuuarath
ultraviolet: doejess (art), doehips (personal)
Vipera Magnifica: ropesnake
Zexion: raiviselegante
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blame telegram
I'm bendandsnap-cummerbund. I think this is like the fourth Benedict-Cumberbatch-parody URL I've switched to? I've stuck with this one for like a year now so it's probably here to stay I guess.

(Warning: I'm way too obsessed with Tumblr and reblog probably like a couple dozen things or more per day. Usually all in a row.)


All the right shades, on the wrong page.
I am raiviselegante. I don't have very specific things I reblog, nor do I tag a lot, so fair warning there. A lot of generic stuff, though.


has a BONE to pick with you
Beep boop I'm tumbling over at aviul and only post my art farts on there. I don't really have any kind of consistent theme (or style, for that matter) but whatever. You can expect a lot of fanart, various OC dudes and the occasional monsters/creatures/weird dream shit :V


Still loves Joltik, though!
Staff member
I'm, predictably, antialiasis. I post personal ramblings, brief review-rambles of movies/games/etc., my ridiculous dreams, frustrations with the English language, a bit of good-natured poking fun at this fanfic that was super-popular on Serebii in 2005, some irregular post series involving the Icelandic language, Icelandic culture and folk tales and the ridiculous stories I made up as a child, and photos of spots on my desk. Recently I did this Pokémon ask meme that got way out of hand, so most of my recent posts consist of that, but I don't generally do memes a lot.


Strange days ahead
I'm byrusvirus. I mostly post nerdy crap and tag everything. I've been trying to cut down on my tumblr obsession lately, so my activity is kind of sporadic.

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
My url is dursk! I try and keep my blog 100% humour (maybe like .1% Salt and Pepper Diner, but that's just niche humour), but I have a really selective taste when it comes to what I reblog, so I often abstain from posting for days until something fits in. If you guys have less popular humour blogs you know about about I'd love to hear about them, my dash has got a bit muddled lately and I'm always looking to branch out.

EDIT: Also some great webcam selfies of me, can't forget about those.
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Well-known member
My blog is xiii-juuzou! I will try to follow all the tcoddies whenever I have time. My blog is mostly social justice stuff, pokémon, anime, and occasionally band stuff. Recently I've also been rambling a lot, too.


out of touch thursday
mine is predictably sande-ridge! I reblog whatever catches my eye at the time, which includes Pokemon, Persona 3/4, social things, language things, Fire Emblem, and cute things. i'm very bad about tagging things so sun-moon spoilers and such might be rampant.


Goddess of Death
Here you go, this is mine: http://beldarius.tumblr.com/

Contains a tiny bit of swearing, just figured I'd warn you guys. Also, most of the stuff on there is just stupid, random fandom things. XD Some from fandoms you probably have never heard of, like Cyber Formula and Super Robot Wars.


local hellion
Wait I never posted in this one? Weird.

Anyway! My blog is thechavanator! It’s a cataclysm of personal musings and fandom hell (which I try to tag for lmao; right now it’s mostly dragon quest) as well as so much fanfiction (again, dragon quest).

I have a few side blogs too; I got an ask-ish blog for one of my dnd characters at doro-terra, and a collection of OC rambles at chellion-characters! As well as a few assorted ones that are likely of no interest lmao
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out of touch thursday
apparently, uh, the last time we posted in here was 2016, and since then we've moved to sanderidged! we mostly reblog nice pictures there. we have a sideblog where we reblog Anything and Everything without tagging it, including politics and other heavy stuff. there's also our animal crossing tumblr, patapatapanpan, where we ramble about whatever we did in animal crossing that day and also reblog patterns we want to save for later.