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Things you've done in your sleep

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...probably not posting here too much anymore.
I did a lot of weird crap in my sleep when I was younger, though not so much anymore.

When I was 5, one time I got up in the middle of the night, took a Kool-Aid juice box out of the fridge, and went outside to drink it. I know this because I woke up standing behind the house next to the door in my pajamas, barefoot, with a Kool-Aid box in my hand.

When I was somewhat older (maybe 10-12?), I went to sleep lying on the floor in the bathroom (I think I was either playing my Game Boy or drawing something.) I had a nightmare about a creepy old lady and thousands of centipedes, and in the dream I ran out of the bathroom away from them and into the bed... and when I woke up, I was in my bed.

I've also talked in my sleep some (my mom and sister have both heard me before), though I can't remember any specific examples.


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I mumble in my sleep, a lot. Most of the time, people who've hear it can't make out what I'm mumbling, unfortunately. >:
Once, I went out of my bed, jumped up in the air as if to see if I could fly, and fell down again. Then I went to bed again. It could also just have been a very weird dream, but I usually dream about other places so yeah. I don't think I've done anything besides that, however.

But according to my brother, one of his friends once walked downstairs and started peeing on the TV in the middle of the night. xD

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My grandad once jumped out of bed because he dreamt he was being dive-bombed by an aeroplane and my mum stood up in bed and grabbed the light because she thought it was a UFO. I've never done anything interesting, though.
Oh, and once my sister shouted "I WANT THE EGGS" but apparently she was only pretending to be asleep at the time.

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I think I actually had a serious conversation with my mother once. It was really odd; when I woke up and walked into the kitchen, she thanked me for the conversation we had. I have no memory of it.


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I sang Hakuna Matata in my sleep when I still lived at my grandparents' house.
Oh, and my brother told me I fell asleep while eating a sasuage and I somehow was able to chew and swallow it without shocking, and I then used my plate of spaghetti as a pillow.


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But according to my brother, one of his friends once walked downstairs and started peeing on the TV in the middle of the night. xD
I actually lol'd at that XD

I once a had a fight with with my bedside table, and I woke up with my lip slightly swollen... I think I was about 5 at the time.

Apparently someone had a conversation in her sleep about cheese. She had this conversation with another girl who was asleep at the same time XD
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We were watching a family movie and apparently I fell asleep. So then when it was over, my mom attempted to wake me up so I could go to my bed. Well, I didn't fully wake up, so I slepwalked to my room and apparently, instead of climbing up into my (loft) bed, I dove onto my futon and just started sleeping there.

o.O First time I ever sleepwalked.


I hit the fireplace in my sleep once. It was one of those closed, electric fireplaces, but I burned my hand. D:

Not while I was asleep, but my sister woke me up once and I couldn't say hi because I thought I was this mute guy. But I was tired so I just fell back asleep and woke up as myself again next time.
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apparently when i was little, i was asleep and my dad came into the room. he asked who i was (i shared a room at the time). My response?

"Rachel. Rachel [lastname]." (i guess in some weird homage to "Bond, James Bond.")

my little sister has actually said other words in her sleep, most notably "moo moo cow." I don't even know.


I've sleepwalked twice, the first putting me in the hall by my room, the second had me on a couch... eating a pillow. I know this because when I woke up, I had a bitten-up pillow in my mouth. Ew.

I've fallen out of my bed several times. xD

According to my siblings, I once started screaming "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" repeatedly before closing my door.

I once dreamt that my name was Keith White. The next morning was... akward.


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When I was little, I dreamed I could fly. I thought it was real, so I actually tried it (Yeah, that didn't go over too well). XD
I also sleeptalk. Once, I fell asleep while I was doing my homework. I had a dream in which I was talking to someone, and I ended up actually talking and waking myself up.

And every morning without fail, all the covers and sheets have fallen off the bed completely. I am a very restless sleeper and I move around a lot. But people tell me it looks like I had a fight in my sleep.


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Pretty much all of these posts have made me laugh o_o

As far as I know, I don't really do much interesting stuff in my sleep. My sister said she once heard me laughing, though... If I'm trying to stay awake but can't, sometimes I start saying really weird stuff. Like once I was watching a movie with my cousin, and I fell asleep at one part, and when I woke up (sort of) again, I said something about "they don't even have any ice cream." My cousin didn't know what the heck I was talking about, and neither did I.

Another time we were both laying down, talking. I was fighting sleep again, and I told my cousin to say hello to the leg.


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My cosin was sleeping, The Meme and I were watching tv, and she goes like halfway across her room all of the sudden. When we ask her what happend she replied," I was dreaming about falling of Eiffel Tower."


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I sleep talk sometimes.
Once my brother ran into my room screaming while sleepwalking. I'm still afraid of sleepwalking people to this day.


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oh yeah, when my sister was turning eight she randomly said "I don't want anything to equal eight!" in her sleep.

we still don't let that go


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Dreamed of Pokemon
Dreamed of my mom
Dreamed of my now dead for 5 years grandma (wow time flew...)
Dreamed of lots of other awesome things.

My dreams are amazing. 8D


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There were moments when I got awakened, did or said something, and got to sleep again. After the new awakening, I could not recollect such moments, I was told about them by others.