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What Games Are You Playing?

Hearthstone and Final Fantasy. Might pick up Pokémon for some shiny hunting or maybe so breeding.
Right now I'm playing New Game + in Shovel Knight, going through the last Neutral Run I haven't done in Undertale, and heading to the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I'm also playing through The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes with my friends.
I recently caved and downloaded Pokemon Shuffle, and I'm addicted. I hate that you have to wait for hearts to recharge before you can keep playing though...

I'm also trying to finish up Super Mystery Dungeon, and making very gradual progress in Xenoblade X.
I'm attempting to 100% Super Mystery Dungeon, and sloooooooowly chugging through undertale cause it's technically my boyfriend's game
I just got Ghost Trick today! It's very possible that it's the last game I ever buy at a Puerto Rican GameStop (they're closing in March and they've stopped getting new merchandise).

I'm about halfway through, I guess? I'm trying to prevent
Jowd's death.
Been playing a lot of Valkyria Chronicles. I assume it was only on sale because there's a remake coming out soon. I'm really enjoying it so far.
Replayed Shadows of Almia because I'm a completionist. And I had nothing else to do during winter break.
I'm trying to get more pins/master more pins on The World Ends With You. It's really slow-going because I have only sporadic time to play, and I'm also not looking up how to get/master/evolve the pins, so I keep doing them wrong and can't remember what methods I already tried for certain pins.

But hey, the exploration is what makes it fun.
A lot of Skyrim. I've currently on the Dark Brotherhood storyline which I've completed most of. My Argonian is at lv. 28.
I started and accidentally finished Tales from the Borderlands yesterday. It was a pretty wild ride from start to finish (and I may have shed a few tears, even). Really loved it, and will heartily recommend it for anyone who likes Borderlands and has played the main series games. *u*

Also, Gortys is probably the cutest robot in any game ever. :3
Final Fantasy XIV and Dark Souls. I just beat the infamous Ornstein & Smough yesterday in the latter, so I'm feeling pretty confident that I will actually finish the game.
and sloooooooowly chugging through undertale cause it's technically my boyfriend's game

well this ain't happening any time soon

i'm doing some pokedex completion in omega ruby and attempting to nuzlocke platinum
I just finished Schizm: Mysterious Journey for PC. I've got a huge weakness for first-person, point-and-click adventure games, especially when they are bizarre "everyone disappeared on a foreign world" sorts of fantasy mysteries. Mildly fantastical and mildly creepy.

Next on my point-and-click adventure is Myst. Already played a little bit and seems like it will be up my alley! I'm thinking it will live up to the hype.

I'm also still working my way through Black 2, and am playing a bit more of Harvest Moon on the side.
Bought Dragon Age Inquisition after I finished AP testing, so I've been playing that nonstop.

A+ choice. I played it for several months nonstop (well, aside from boring "eating" and "sleeping" breaks) last summer. Have fun! :D

I've been playing Yokai Watch (please don't smite me, Pokegods). I finished the main story and am now trying to befriend a bunch of rare yokai. The designs are pretty cute for the most part! :3
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