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What is your favourite single Pokemon ever

Nosepass, of course! :D Though if you don't know me, you'll probably find that extremely weird.

Everybody that knows me knows this.
Your gonna be so surprised...

Were you surprised?

(In case your wondering my user name is eevee_em because the eeveelutions are my second favorite and persian_em dosen't sound as good.)
It's a tie.
Between five Pokemon.
Mewtwo, Quilava, Bellossom, Umbreon, and Suicune! Cuuunnneee!
Sorry. I couldn't possibly choose just the one favourite ;3

I have three favourites; there's nothing to choose between them. They are:

  • Meowth. *huggles Meowth* It's just an awesomely cute and awesome Pogeyman. Plus it throws money at stuff, which is just too great for words. I wuv Meowth so much I retook the personality test on PMD2 about six times just to get him. And I made myself a Meowth in my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon sprite comic.
  • Alakazam. My favourite Psychic Pokémon. I'm not entirely sure what makes me like him; whether it's because I can use him well in battle, or because he carries spoons around, or because he has a badass mustache. Sometimes I start thinking I like Kadabra a little better, but I always come crawling back ^^
  • Lucario. Just for his stunning awesomeness, power, smexiness and the fact that he by rights should be the only Pokémon to learn Aura Sphere. Plus his Final Smash in Brawl is almost arousingly awesome =)
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