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  • Awesome, let's do this. My FC is 4212-6202-0291.

    Is there anything else you would like besides the Frillish? Any particular species of pokemon?
    So, Soul Guard needs to get moving. I did a small time-skip, but you and Moony can continue your conversation as necessary. Sorry to inconvenience you.
    ...it sounds stupid, but I didn't realize. It was just innocent fun. And I wasn't trying to steal them, I credited them and talked a lot about how cool the index was...
    The Frillish is up on the Black Market, all you need to do is accept it...

    I really don't like the song, and the BDP video disturbs me too much, and I'm 19. And a guy. In truth I see it as somewhat of a perversion of the fandom (not as much as cloppers though...)

    I saw those little gifs in the Rainbow Factory thread (BTW I have a hard time respecting the thread name due to a song on youtube of the same name....)

    ANYWAYS: I could buy you something, within reason, on ASB if you could make one with the following two:

    Appearance: Alex is built much like his father, lanky but decently muscular, unlike his father, he is actually more agile, suiting himself to his Pokémons’ typical battle strategies. Alex wears a tattered mauve band around his forehead, and possesses an electric blue sapphire ear stud in his right ear. His ivory white hair is loose and sits messily atop his head and along the back of his neck. He wears a loose fitting white shirt, with leather bracers on his wrists and forearms to help prevent injury when training. He wears baggy beige pants and durable black sandals. His bag is several pouches tied to the belt loops on his jeans and a sack with a couple pouches.

    -Name: Set
    -Species: Weavile
    -Age: 7
    -Gender: M
    -Moveset: Night Slash, Ice Punch, Brick Break, Fake Out
    -Personality: Set’s personality is very much like Alex’s, being very hyper-active and upbeat. Set enjoys employing the strategies of his parents, Zhassa’s parents, as well as his own design. Set is also quite carefree and fun-loving, and has no problems about lazing about.
    -Accessories: A ragged maroon scarf tied loosely around his neck, several scars at the base of his neck, bandages around his left ankle.
    so FMC i just wanted to say, i really like those homestuck-style .gifs you did for mai and moon and yourself. really nice :3
    So! I have a Frillish for you with a 31 Defense IV, a 30 SDef IV, a SAtk IV that's more than 20, but a crappy speed EV. I also have a male DW Spinda for you.

    also my Friend Code is 4212-6202-0291.
    Does it matter to you whether the Spinda or Absol is male or female? Should I get a Spinda with a certain nature?
    :D All of the coupons for you!

    But for an obligatory amount, five. You'll never spend that much, anyway.
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