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  • You watch Kekkaishi, too? Cool! I thought that your signing up for Another as a character named Tokine was just a coincidence.
    Who's your favorite character? I can't choose between Tokine, Atora and Shu (though the latter appears in a later section of the series).
    Hey I know how you have a strange schedule now, but may you just take a second to edit your profile on the RP, I figure we will take some time to get to know eachother first. No rush it is just all you need to do is delete 2 moves and your good to go, My suggestion is leech seed and heal bell.
    Ah, I know what you mean.

    I guess it means different things here. If you had, say, two people who were good at being a character, but one was awful at writing, we'd probably get irritated and say "Could you improve your writing? :c"

    I just want to ask- how are you bad at writing, and great at RPs? They're kind of interrelated, you know...
    Ok cool, ps I don't want to sound rude but please don't update on this so often, I am using an iPod so it kinda gets irritating. And by this I mean my visitor wall, if it is something important please pm me, and I check the safari zone more now, since I know someone will be waiting
    Sorry, I'm not particularly active on this forum, and I'm not much into mafia. But thanks for the invitation nonetheless. :)
    Sorry for late reply.

    Alright! You need to either win battles, OR someone gives you money via the Birthday Center, Bank, etc.

    They know all the possible moves for their species.

    TM moves, Egg moves, leveling up moves, everything else that exsists...

    (By the way, could you um... not use chatspeak? It's slightly irritating.)
    Just click the 'New Thread' button, type in a subject, description, then click 'Submit thread'. That should work. If not, go ask Butterchuru or something.
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