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  • ...As far as I can see just make a new thread in the Mafia Sign-ups forum. Are you a member of the public group Mafia Players?
    I uh... well... no. Sorry.
    Kind of busy lately and on at irregular hours, so I wouldn't be very active.
    Could you possibly... type slower, then? Just so it's not, like, impossible to read?

    Well... I don't even know how that would work. But there's another grammar issue: you don't randomly capitalize words in the middle of sentences. Please, just slow down, read before you post, make it easier for everyone else. Kay?
    Dark, I know your new here, so some tips come your way! :D If you see somebody's name in bold with a little ''mod'' next to their name, he/she/it is a mod, and can infract you. The only 3 people who have their names like this are admins. Just saying, seeing you were taking with Negrek. On the good note, I'll go sign up for your mafia right away! :D
    The capitalization is only a small issue, honestly. There are people on here who deliberately don't capitalize at all, and while it bugs me, if it's done on purpose then it's not too big an issue.

    Your grammar is very bad, though. I really don't mean to be insulting, but it just is. You are missing spaces, punctuation marks, misspelling words, using chatspeak and you misspelt 'grammar' as 'grammer'. Could you read your posts through, carefully, before posting?
    It is. Also, and I mean no offense by this, but could you speak a little... better? Your grammar as it stands is so bad that it's nigh-unreadable.
    I don't play mafia. Also, it's kind of annoying for people if you just go round asking them to join it. That kind of thing is frowned on here.
    Trying to recruit for your mafia game from people who give no implication of being interested's rather irritating, you know.

    (No. I hardly ever play mafia, but it'd be a no regardless.)
    Uh - why me? I'm also currently in one active RP and starting another, so I'll be pretty busy.

    (Uh, by the way, you should click View Conversation on each of your VMs to reply to them. Otherwise we don't get an alert and we'll reply slower.)
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