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Vipera Magnifica

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  • y'know, prior to today I was thinking to myself, "it's been awhile since Fandom Mafia was updated, I hope it doesn't die out," but now that I see what's going on (1) I totally understand you waiting for a convenient time in your real life and (2) you are a hilarious genius, I love this twist
    I am drowning in life :C Actually it's not really that sad, it's fun. But you know. Free time is at a premium.
    Ah! That would explain it! (Also don't bother watching the show, it starts to get Very Bad not long after the equivalent of the end of book 2)
    I'd give that fuck you vote so much reputation but the system told me to try someone other than you or MD
    Probably e-mail (@gmail.com); I've exchanged a couple of e-mails with him in the past few days.
    I was thinking something dark-ish, trying to undo damage caused by a catastrophe. I hope that is the description...
    I might have done a bit too much background as well.
    Thanks. It seems I was apparently adding 1.825 for STAB rather than 1.875. Darn half-a-tenth-of-a-point.
    Haha, well, that's what I was going for! Good luck in the rest of the battle as well!
    Well played! I wanted to post this gif in reaction but it seemed a little shitpost-y, so:

    Oh man, that'd be a tough choice. It would definitely fit thematically, but then again I don't know if all the mechanics for Mega Evolution are really in place yet. I'd probably get the Absolite, I guess, since I don't have very many Pokemon that can Mega Evolve.

    What would you pick?
    If the referee(s) in charge of those matches is inactive as well, feel free to call in for an e-ref just to wrap the battle up. (One of those battles has been up on the e-ref post for a while now as far as I remember, but just wrapping up a match is a more trivial operation than picking it up to ref, so it's likelier to be done on a short notice.)
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