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ASB Awards 2011

Okay, "Most Charitable" is out for now.

could there be a business-related award (or something)? not necessarily most prolific, maybe most creative or ... I dunno.

but I guess people who have businesses don't need more money. :B
Business awards could work; I'm pretty sure we've had some in the past. The only thing is that not a lot of people have businesses, so you have a greater tendency towards the same person winning over and over. You also don't get a lot of new businesses per year, so it's hard to prevent that by narrowing it just to recently-established shops.

Perhaps we could do a "Best Business" category or something, but only run it once every couple of years or something?
Okay, it looks like the discussion has pretty much died down over here, so we'll call the list in the first post our categories for this year. At this point, you can start sending in nominations.

Please send nominations to me by PM. You can nominated things in as many or as few categories as you choose, and you can make as many nominations for a given category as you like (within reason). You can nominate the same person/battle/whatever for as many categories as you like. You can't nominate yourself or something you made for a category, but you can nominate a battle you were involved in for one of the battle categories. If you're nominating a battle, a signature move, or something similar, please include a link to it with your nomination.

The nominating period will end next Sunday, and I'll edit nominations into the first post as they come in so we don't end up with too many duplicates. Go ahead and start sending those PM's.
I know it's a bit late, but I just came up with this awesome idea: BEST PROFILE. Some people (cough like me cough) take a lot of time to build up a pretty profile, so it would be interesting, I think, to have a reward fro this.

If it's too late I would perfectly understand, though.
Mmm, it's not a huge deal if it's a day late. Is there anybody else who would like to see this category added?
Two questions:

1) Can you vote for yourself if you are nominated?
2) If you are nominated, can you "advertise" in your sig/profile/whatever to encourage other people to vote for you?
Yes to both. But I don't know how much advertizing will really do for you, since only members of ASB can vote and those interested have probably already seen the thread.
You'll only get one vote per category, but you can nominate as many people/things as you want per category.
They do.

As an aside, if you're going to make an arena or profile nomination, please also include links to the battle/post where the arena was used and the profile post itself so that I don't have to go looking.
first post said:
ASBer of the Year
Prize: $100, two rare candies, any buyable pokémon w/DW ability
Other: Kratos Aurion, Meowth, and Negrek are ineligible

Crazy Linoone
Wait. What? This is a nice surprise, but. Definitely a surprise!

All I do is battle and ref. I haven't had any notable opponents yet (though hopefully someone will pick up my battle against Negrek.) I don't post reffings very often; they're almost never on time.



Are my reffings that good?

EDIT: Also, do refs count as participants for the battle categories?
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I thought I remembered them counting in at least some of those categories in the past, though. Don't they count for things like "most entertaining battle"?
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