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ASB Awards 2011

Well, if the referee was particularly responsible for making the battle entertaining or best battle material, I don't see why they shouldn't count.

Then again, it's kind of subjective. And then for the second time, subjectiveness is kind of the point when it comes to voted awards.
I definitely think the ref should count for "most entertaining battle". It's mostly the ref making it entertaining. (Karkat vs Metallica Fanboy IV is an exception I guess; the RNG gets the credit there. And it's also not all that entertaining beyond "hey look it ended right away".)
It doesn't have to count if you don't think it should, but it's not clear exactly what "entertaining" means. People might've nominated based on the battlers themselves, but they might also have nominated based on the reffings, and if that's not what's to be considered then that should be made clear ahead of time.

People showed some interest in categories like "best single reffing", which would be an alternative, but you ultimately didn't bring them back as far as I can see and so I'm not sure why the refs can't get some credit somewhere for writing something people thought was fun.
So would you be thinking that you'd want the referee included in the award just for Most Entertaining, or also for Best Battle?
Just to throw it out there:

Anyone who wins four awards this year will receive a Hall of Fame spot, and anyone who wins five will become an ASB Legend, regardless of prioe qualifications. To put into context, only three people have ever won four awards in one year (with Kratos accomplishing the feat twice - the other two were Cryssie and MD on the pre-crash forum), and no one has ever won five.
Yes, you can start voting now. Remember that you can vote in as many or as few categories as you like, you get only one vote per category, and you can vote for yourself. All votes must be in by October 2nd to count.
So... as it turns out, I've somehow managed to delete all of the votes that have been sent in so far. That's with the exception of Crazy Linoone's, as I was going to file hers when I was like, "Wait, why is the 'Votes' folder empty?"

I don't know, I think I might have hit "Delete" instead of "Mark as Unread." I'm really sorry, but you'll need to send your votes again if you want them to count.

Also, I don't open vote PM's until I'm actually tallying things up, so if you have any questions or anything, you should send them in a separate PM or post them in this thread; if you include them with your votes, you won't be getting them answered.
posting because I forgot this and spent a good while trying to remember my votes:
if you've forgotten your votes, you can get your sent PM by going to your inbox, and selecting 'sent messages' in the dropdown. then you can just forward it to Negrek!
if you've forgotten your votes, you can get your sent PM by going to your inbox, and selecting 'sent messages' in the dropdown. then you can just forward it to Negrek!

Unless of course your like me and your settings make it so Sent Messages are not saved :/ Luckily mine were in a word document, only because the sever was busy when I went to send them.
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